First day no cigarettes and I'm going nutso

I’ve been trying to quit smoking newport 100s for a long time now. I am having a really hard time even with gum and the patch it’s just not the same to me. I dunno, my habits are going to be really hard to break and I have to learn how to deal with this addiction before I explode.


It’s an addiction , not really a habit. I switched to ecigs.

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I had an e cig and the thing broke on me and it cost me 60 bucks. I gave up on them.

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If I could find an e cig that won’t break on me maybe I’d vape I dunno. I’m trying to just kick it alltogether. I have a beard right now and I’m so fidgity that I feel like shaving it off. It’s getting itchy.


Think how much money you’ll save if you quit smoking. Over the course of a lifetime that could be a handsome amount. Think how much healthier you’ll be. It seems like a lot of people are finally able to quit when they’re faced with quitting or dying. Why let it come to that?


PM me if you need to talk

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I’ve never tried to quit cigs. Never smoked but I heard it helps if you replace smoking w a good habit like working out. Maybe meditation (to get your mind off). Or prayer if you’re religious.

Hang in there @neveragain
You can do this!
Every day that passes - it will get better :slightly_smiling_face:

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If you have anything stressful going on in your life right now you may want to continue smoking. How about setting the goal to reduce your smoking instead of quitting?

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that’s true. completely stopping will produce health benefits and financial benefits much sooner, but will also produce a higher chance of relapse I think.

I’m struggling with an addiction to videos (lol :stuck_out_tongue: ) right now, and I abruptly stopped watching them rather than gradually stopped watching them. I think things would’ve been smoother, if I had gradually stopped watching them. but the thing is that I don’t know how much I consume, or what would be an appropriate reduction rate. It’s already been a month now, anyhow… it’s probably too late to switch things up for me.

but planning out a gradual reduction is a lot better than abruptly stopping. the planning out is hard work, which will help you decide whether cutting the habit is truly worth it. In the case of smoking, I think it’s definitely worth it; but that’s because I was raised with all those health commercials about the dangers of smoking. I really don’t know the health effects of smoking, personally.

also planning out a gradual reduction might help with understanding your addiction triggers and stuff.

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Your post is like when trying to quit, and your brain on nictione starts saying one wouldn’t hurt, minus well only have a few today.

I found out how to stay quit and that was using nicotine gum. now I’m off the gum and going nicotine free. it’s day 43. good luck @neveragain


Put a little prayer in the air.

Two years, five months, two weeks, five days, 3 hours, 5 minutes and 40 seconds. 60509 cigarettes not smoked, saving $12,102.48. Life saved: 30 weeks, 2 hours, 25 minutes.



ever since i put a nicotine patch on i never touched another cig that was 2009 :slight_smile:

Easy way to quit smoking by Allen Carr has the best success rate on quitting. He does a program which is a money back guarantee, but have been told the book in itself is helpful a good place to start at any rate. Have also found the book at my local library. Try not to be so hard on yourself nicotine’s like the hardest addiction to quit.


Just remember you cant just quit something. You have to replace that habit with something else, regardless of what it is just make sure its constructive. Human nature to replace one thing with another, just need to positively manage those “things”.

Ive been down to 1 newport a day or even 1 every few days a handfull of times over the years. I can get that close but then something stresses me out and i go right back. Good luck bro, i didnt have luck with ecigs either, thinking of trying it again tho. But to me nothing ever tastes as good as a good ol’ port!


I vape 0 nicotine in order to keep my urge to smoke down. I’ve never even picked up an actual cigarette in my life, but the desire to is SO strong. Picked up vaping to at least cope physically, even though there’s no effects of nicotine hitting my system. It’s been really helpful.


Tried for years and patches were shite for me! I got to the end of the days when I sucked out the nicotine and i’d go buy another pack and away again.

Champix worked for me. It was a savoir. Didn’t even finish the course but I smoked like a demon the first two weeks on it…very clever stuff…it is a partial agonist…it jumps on your nicotine receptors then jumps off again…confuses the brain into thinking you have nicotine there…

For those of the addicted it’s awefully hard but it’s brain chemistry. Can make you sick early…push through that and I don’t know if it helps the manics…talk to your treatment team.

Smoked from 14 to 39 a pack a day…I’m now 46 and haven’t had a smoke and don’t want one!

I needed that chemical help.



Hey @neveragain I recommend you get an innokin ecig. Get it off ebay, amazon or a website but check that it’s got the scratch code to check it’s not a fake. I’ve got the innokin MVP 3.0 pro with a innokin iClear 30s tank. I’ve had 2 up to now and after a year they still both work. But anyway innokin is a good reliable brand :slight_smile:

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you could always try those vape e cigs …theyre considered very good here in Ireland…its a booming trade at the moment…