Happens every time I get to day 3. I start seeing my life without cigarettes and I panic. Instead of beating myself up I am just timing my cigarettes again down to a pack a day. I am sorry for getting everybody’s hopes up that were trying with me, I have failed you. Please keep up trying.


Please keep trying, and don’t be so hard on yourself! I know quitting is hard, I never got into smoking but brother used to smoke cigarettes like a chimney, and he has tried to quit for the third or fourth time now. So I know from watching him how hard the struggle can be.


The person you most have to do this for is yourself. It took me about fifty tries to quit smoking, but now it’s been over twenty-five years. Think about the money you’ll save. Think about how much better your breath will be. Think about the improvement of your health. Do this for yourself.


ull get there eventually michael. don’t give up giving up! we’re all rooting for u. i’m still smoking atm so i know how u feel. i hate it with a passion but i’ll quit when i’m ready, once i’ve finished my stash of tobacco. xxx


So you’ve stumbled. Who hasn’t? Dust yourself off, and try again. Personally, I’ve quit smoking cigarettes, but now use an e-cigarette. Don’t buy that cheap ■■■■ at the gas station. Those aren’t worth a ■■■■. Go to a vape shop (I’m sure there’s one where you live considering you live in a fairly large town) and look for a brand called Innokin. They make the best. The total cost up front for battery, cartomizer and juice will be about $100. But don’t let that derail you. The juice is CHEAP, and you can wean yourself down by the strength of nicotine in the juice. I started at 36mg/ml (quite high) and am now down to 18mg/ml (average). The best part too is I can go a LOT longer without needing the e-cig. Give it a try, it’s MUCH cheaper in the long run, and can get your nicotine intake down.


Very VERY difficult habit to kick – don’t beat yourself up! That you recognize the need to quit and keep trying is the biggest part of the fight. Will keep rooting for you. :smiley:



thanks so much to everybody. I need to find an “answer” for what to tell myself when I reach the middle of day 3…still gonna’ try I’m sure. I always come back to try because smoking makes me so damn miserable. I had so much hope…all dashed. oh well, thanks you guys, you make me feel better.


I don’t want to scare you or beat up on you, but you’re what…51? You’re right at that tipping point where if you don’t quit soon, your life span will be cut into. I keep hearing ■■■■ on TV that lung cancer is the #1 preventable cancer etc. I also know that of all the current smokers, 70% want to quit. There has to be some medicine made available (in my opinion) that acts like Antabuse (med that makes you puke if you ingest alcohol), but for the lungs. Just my 2 cents’ worth. I’m with you man, and I wish I could do more to help than type words onto a screen.


My grandmother got me to quit when she was dying of lung cancer and now this December will be six years without smoking for me, I don’t want you to end up like my grandma, Jukebox. Just keep trying.


have you tried the patch or nicotine gum or e cigs? They can wean you off nicotine by delivering pure nicotine in increments without all the harmful tars and chemicals…way easier than going cold turkey…


It was not so bad, the time I quit with the patch. It does the tapering down for you.


You will quit one day @jukebox -hopefully sooner than later. So you got off the horse - now its time to get back on! Good luck jukebox!


I’m not sure where you’re at, but have you tried those fairly new E-Cigarettes? They let you in-hail nicotine without the damaging tar produced by conventional cigarettes.My aunt uses one, she switched a while ago from cigarettes to these, the only complaint I’ve heard from her is the liquid stuff that is heated up in the packs can spill out and has leaked in her purse several times, but I believe she still uses it. There isn’t enough studies to determine if they’re really better than cigarettes or not…basically they haven’t been around long enough to determine long-term affects of the usages. I read two articles on them and are posted below if you’d like to read them. I trust both sources…



Several months ago I read this book from a Harvard professor. She teaches a class on willpower. She said that the most important thing to do when you are trying to not give in to a craving is not berate yourself if you give into to it.

Most people what happens, and I do this myself, is you say I’m not going to (in this case) smoke. So you break down and have one cigarette. Then you think well I’ve completely ruined my resolution and you berate and shame yourself. Then you smoke the rest of the pack because you are feeling bad. If you just say something to yourself like ‘Okay I smoked one cigarette. That isn’t the end of the world. I’ll just keep at it.’ You will do better.

She also said not to view it in terms of ‘I did good’ and ‘I did bad’ Instead say things like ‘I was committed to my goal today.’


I quit about two and a half years ago, first try, cold turkey. It sucked, but I got through it and now I’m clean. I did it by getting mad at my addiction, I saw nicotine as the enemy and I fought as hard as I could to keep away from it. I got lucky, though, in that I managed to kick the habit right away. I just didn’t want to have to go through withdrawal more than once. Just keep at it, remember that the pain you suffer now will fade, whereas the pain you’ll experience from a lifetime of smoking won’t go away so easily. Good luck!


@Futomimi - I was depressed before I read your post !! thank you for telling me about berating myself…I have a carton to go and I think I will stop after this pack and try stopping again…I have no hope if I smoke…simple as that. I simply can’t afford them. I have $100 for food until the 15th when I get more money. Thank you for turning me around…and thank you sohare and everyone else for your encouragement.


@jukebox What you are trying to do is difficult. However remember you have a bunch of people who believe you can do it. Sure they may be a little out there and digital but the important part is they are here to support you.