I been off smoking cigarrettes for one year still have the urge to smoke

will it ever go away, i vape now but i still have the small urge to smoke, it goes away when i vape.

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My husband and I quit cigarettes four years ago,

We both still want a cigarette from time to time.

I think it’ll be like that for life.



o man that sucks, i guess i guess im going to be vaper for life then.

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I haven’t smoked in decades but once in a while in my dreams I’m smoking a cigarette.

The urge never really goes away.

But it arises once in a blue moon.


yea i understand, i thought the urge goes away but it doesnt. it gets easier when time goes by.

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i still smoke 12 smokes a day… maybe i’ll quit at some point…

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I never think about smoking anymore. I’ve been nicotine free since 2016

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I think you’ll always be craving for as long as your body is addicted to nicotine and all vaping does is replace the nicotine in a healthier way.

I gave up in 2004 and don’t ever crave cigarettes. I find the smell disgusting now. After the first few weeks of physical addiction craving it is the psychological addiction that brings people back.

That familiarity in having given up on life and not caring about living will always bring the ‘smoker’ to the yard.

damn thats alot. lol

12 cigarettes a day? i thought it was not that much =D

Hang in there. It’s worth it.

im not judging you, when i was smoker maybe 6-8 cigs a day.

ah yea =D lol, i always thought it was not much hehe~
my sister smokes more than a pack a day i think.

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did you ever thought to switching to vaping. its a better alternative.

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i thought about it yea… i think i will do that eventually. But i thought about that yea. My brother in law vapes and i think it could be good.

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Dont want to scare you i dont want you to get lung cancer. Thats the reason i stop smoking cigarrettes. Your lungs will thank you.

yea i appreciate your thoughts =) i’m thinking about switching to vaping yea and maybe after that stop it all.

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Thats good. Im going to vaping for while not going quit for long time i like vaping it keeps my stress levels down.

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Same🙂… but i never wanted to smoke in 10 years


I was spending $300 a month on cigarettes.

I’ve been vaping for 6 months. It cures my craving for cigarettes. It was hard to find a flavor I liked.

My mom is 62 and has lung cancer. I’m 44 and they found 2 growths in my lungs. They said they were 2mm too small to be considered cancer and to come back for another screening next year.

I smoked for 30 years.

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