File this in the "nobodys perfect" file

Canned tuna was on sale so…I ended up buying 60 cans. That is not a typographical error, I now have enough tuna to last me a year. I also have about 20 cans of green beans.



I have a lot of tuna too. Good stuff.


I was wondering what was Nick talking about under the tag “nobodys perfect”. To my surprise, you were talking about canned tuna…hahaha


you are going to have a very healthy heart with all the omega 3 .
take care


You are right, tuna fish is good for health. G’day, darksith. and G’night, 77nick77.

I am in good mood now but my mind is a bit fuzzy.


What about that tuna made you buy 60 cans of it?

I like tuna in salads or just plain by itself. It was a good price I didn’t want to pass up. I admit, I went a little overboard but it won’t go to waste.

Do you share your tuna with your kitty cat?
Mine like the chunk light tuna while I prefer the chunk white tuna.
I share, but it is a treat, one can, 6 dishes.

All sounds fishy to me.


I’m not worried… They get maybe one can every two weeks or so depending on their behavior.
One can divided among 6 cats don’t amount to much.

Where do you store it all?

Got a couple cases in the pantry! You don’t walk away from a case lot sale where tuna is $0.50/can!!! :blush:


I wish my kitchen was big enough to hold that much. I’ve got 2 cupboards for food and thats it. Been thinking about putting in shelving unit in the basement.

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I bought a free standing set of shelves off of The shelves just happen to fit perfectly in my living room near my kitchen. The shelves were one of my better, more useful purchases.


For tins of veggies when there is a sale… they will fit in those soda storage organizers.

We stock up on sales and have tinned peas in one… it sort of looks like this…

just grab one off the bottom and the rest roll forward. We got them on-line. Usually about $12.00 and they save a lot of space.


This just reminded me of tuna casserole–haven`t had for a long time—and fried tuna patties! Yum

Yes, both good.

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Somehow I read fried tuna “panties” I was laughing forever.


My babysitter made me get rid of all my food. Even the canned tomatoes from :crying_cat_face: