File this in the "nobodys perfect" file

Why BakedBeans?

The home care worker AKA babysitter called me a food hoarder. She took me to a Salvation Army food bank to drop the food off against my will.

I think it would have been better to USE UP your food rather then give it away.and then try to stop hoarding ( if that’s what you’re doing).

No, it was with your permission. She couldn’t force you to do that.

I don’t like people arguing with me for 7 minutes. I gave up arguing with her and admitted defeat.

Well, AA taught me to “Surrender to win”. I might have given up too. But I don’t think a person in your position should be giving away food. It shouldn’t have been a win-lose situation. It’s more to do with being smart about it.
Incidentally you strike me as being fairly intelligent. Are you?

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there is a food bank near me but i don’t think i could use it, its for people like me but its a bit embarrassing so i don’t think i could go and shop there it would save me a lot of money tho if i did.

Hmmm, I’ve been to several food banks during my career as a poor person. I’ve never been embarrassed . Everybody is there for the same reason or they wouldn’t be there.

i’ve been thinking about going bc my friend sweep could use it as well but she said she couldn’t go because when you are there people will know there is something wrong but i said i could do the shopping for her as well but i am scared to go, you are supposed to get a letter from the doctor to shop there i think.

I saw an upper class food bank volunteer constantly using Lysol wipes for her hands. Being around us poor people must have made her feel dirty. :raised_hands: :potable_water:

I think the wipes are to keep from getting the food dirty!!
My son has a food bank across the street from him. He goes for coffee and donuts. The few times he got other things, they were past expiration, or didn`t look good.
Some places are good-others are bad. i would not feel bad in going.

Just a tip, do not eat too much tuna. Try to eat a can every 2-3 days, to avoid mercury poisoning. This guy on a bodybuilding forum was eating 3 a day because they were “good protein” and he got mercury poisoning.

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Thanks, I will remember that.

This is alarming. I’d be careful when buying those canned fish. Mercury poisoning is not fun.

What exactly happens to you if you get mercury poisoning?

So far I haven’t got a mercury poisoning yet, but I know if I do, my kidney will be working hard to excrete the metal from my body and my kidney function has already been impaired by the medicine I take now. Sometimes I got joint swelling and joint pains from this malfunction of kidney.

That’s too bad green6.

when I worked at the food bank we had to ware latex gloves when bagging the produce. It was just a health precaution.

That makes me really sad. There are some good ones that work so hard to give out good, healthy food. The slap dash ones just make it harder for the good ones.

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