I once bought 50 cans of tuna at once

And 15 boxes of cold cereal, 9 boxes of microwave popcorn, 20 cans of string beans, and a partridge in a pear tree.


…I just got my last supply of Foodstamps…and spent it all on canned Green beans…all of it…over 120 dolars worth of it…on the bright side I have enough GBs to last a year or two :wink: actually all of it is going to the food pantyr that helped me while I was jobless some ■■■■■■■ broke into their cellar and stole fruit juices and pastries >.<

i actually consumed a whole can of salmon every single day for 3 months in the hopes it would help my disorder. something to do with trace minerals and omegas. didn’t do much lol .

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I once bought 20 cans of tuna and that was probably back in August. I still have them too.