Females think i am a predator on this site!

wow! but im serious there are women who think im some sort of weird predator who only wants to abuse female! unbelievable! i dont care what your gender is, seriously but you dont care about this already because you have made your mind up about me, sadly :frowning:

If you don’t want to be viewed as a weird predator then don’t act like one. You just have to regain peoples trust that won’t happen overnight


wow, i did never mean to be viewed as a predator i just posted my opinion. i never had this occur in real life, its a weird feeling. what did i do wrong?

I don’t view you as a ‘predator’.

You have an illness, and issues.
Just try to put yourself in other’s people skin and try to imagine would you like them to say/do stuff to you that you want to say/do to them.
And this was not directed to you. We all should try to get the perspective of ourselves as others.


yeah but there are other users who actually think im a some sort of ‘female predator’ who seeks to only respond to females… im not making this stuff up one of them PM’d me! :frowning:

You know what?
When I first got to this site, and that was in march, some people thought that I’m the one that preys on other members ( you can read that stuff on forums guideline). Like I was the only one with my personal picture on avatar. (And look at it now)
Firstly I tried to fight back. And that didn’t make any good. Then I stopped to care. Then I tried to see my mistakes.
So…time shows everyone’s intentions.
Just remember that people here are like you.
Again, you try to be civil and give time to do the rest.


I made a decision never to reply to you again based on your behavior towards me and other women on this site. But because you seem to genuinely not understand, here are some of the things that made me decide that.

  • You have a pattern of communication where you say something flattering, then something abusive, then flattering, then abusive. For example, within a minute you accused me of believing you asking for my pictures was rape, then posted a comment in another thread that I was “pure gold”.
  • No, asking for my pictures is not rape, but I have had to tell you no about five times. A polite no is still no. An apologetic no is still no. You told me not to respond if my answer was no, and you would understand. I didn’t respond and you persisted. You were banned from the site for threatening waterway, and you created another account and continued asking, acknowledging yourself that your behavior was alarming. No means no, not Pester until she gives in.
  • You threatened waterway with physical violence. You told me my opinion was worth less than a dog’s.
  • You turn most conversations you enter sexual and complain when asked to stop.

Your behavior towards women on this site is creepy, persistent, overly sexualized and threatening. That’s probably why people feel you are a predator.


What @Rhubot said pretty much sums it up.
People can change though, if you want to be seen in a different light you should act in a different manner.


You’re coming on too strong. Lighten up.


I’ve got a laundry list of things I’ve done wrong, and said wrong too. But it’s good to clear the air, and know that things aren’t all predetermined against us.

I don’t think you are a predator. You are unique. I think people are just overly sensitive nowadays. But I think you went over the line when you threatened physical violence. That’s not cool.

Well I don’t view you as a predator.


You made creepy sexual requests of minnii and rhubot and you threatened to punch waterway in the face and make her bleed.

You can’t ‘unring that bell’.

The damage is done. I suggest you find another forum and start fresh somewhere else.


A well-known behavioral demonstration in borderline personality disorder, which some pshrinques see as a sort of low-grade (or even pro-dromal) version of sz or sza. I am NOT dxing here; just noting that equally paranoid abandonment fearing & approval-seeking here vs. abuse-fearing & hostility there are common features throughout the entire psychotic spectrum… and are often the upshots of underlying and untreated PTSD.

(And I do have riders on my mental bus who are just paranoid enough to figure that one or two of the other paranoids will jump me for personally accusing them of one thing or another just because I wrote this. :smirk: )

cc: @danddolo

The illness is not an excuse for certain behaviours, in whatever category of psychology they fit. Some learn that, some don’t.

This is a tough crowd. I agree that the line was crossed, but really we are in cyber space, and won’t be harmed too badly except to our pride, maybe or a bruised ego. I think if he was banned, he needed time to think about it, and should be coming back, not asking the question, “Why am I such a bad guy?” but to be making amends.

I honestly think he’s trying, that’s something.

Totally agreed; I was simply noting that the phenom is expectable in paranoid populations. Doesn’t take away from the fact that the patient needs to recognize, acknowledge, accept and own his or her behavior so that it can be better managed.

cc: @danddolo


I get it bro, Waterway and these girls are pretty, and they wont respond the way you want them to respond to you. That does “NOT” give you the right to threaten physically someone.

The beauty who became daddy’s princess when she was four or five may expect to be chased around. The beauty whose daddy ignored her, however, will discover her capacities at about 13 and use them relentlessly in the hope of finding a suitable daddy replacement.

There’s nothing evil or (re-spelled) vile about that. It’s just the way things are. We all want to be seen and heard. Some want to be seen and heard more than others. Some even want to be seen and heard so desperately that they will use their charms to go to any lengths to get what dad just couldn’t give them when they really needed it.

It can be a very special and edifying experience if the male who encounters her observes to notice to recognize to acknowledge to accept to own to appreciate to understand his emotional reactions and resulting behaviors in what will only be a very intriguing dance 90 or 95% of the time.