Have You Been Banned From Other Sites?

This is the only site I’ve never been banned from…

One moderator on another site called me ‘an A$$Hat’ and wished I’d get hit by a truck before banishing me forever.



i was close on one site cause i was talking a lot about suicide…

Suicide is a full-time solution to a part-time problem. Don’t ever go there, Anna1.

I’m living proof of that. Been there…done that…got the t-shirt.

Thankfully I’m still here!


I once told a moderator on this particular site, that he was so full of himself that he’d fall in love with his own echo!

He banned me within minutes…

I have never been banned from anywhere… but I have been harassed and chased out!

■■■■ you a @cloudprime

Yes-several mental health forums for speaking my mind about bad moderation where the mods were cliquey with certain posters and let them get away with things they wouldn’t let others get away with.
Unfortunately moderation is a necessary evil but there are a lot of moderators who are power hungry,dishonest dirt bags.

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I got banned on grass city in 2011 for “crazy posts”

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Yeah, I used to be on the Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich site but they kicked me off because I used grape jelly instead of strawberry jelly.


I was banned from a christian forum when I introduced my own view of things. I never regret I did.

I’ve never being banned , don’t intend to either. I don’t frequent political sites…

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Yes, many times. My entire account was banned 2 times on another site. Once with a 2 week ban. The next time i got banned for a life time for “breaking the rules” 'cause i exposed the identity of a moderator to the entire forum ( a virgin girl, who flirted with me), she was a total bytch though.

Lol, your halariouse. @patrick

no bullshyt, she was a 20 year old virgin from the UK who dreamed about gang sex. she even wrote a book, an unpublished book, of a girl having group sex with older guys where they insult her and treat her like crap.

Lol! :slight_smile: I don’t think I’ve ever been banned from a site. I try to have a good time on the net.

I’ve been banned from chat rooms by people who start shyt and get upset when anyone talks back. Luckily my friends unbanned me.

Girls are allowed to have whatever fantasies they want. Guys have some pretty crazy fantasies and nobody ever bats an eye. Lots of mainstream hetero porn features really bizarre things that I personally find weird, but that are apparently popular enough to have their own category. Women with those kind of fantasies are often survivors of sexual abuse. Sex and control get all intertwined for them. Not always though.


So what?



Be banned form a lot of places growing up as not really understanding the rules of the net Like thinking “lol” was a short hand for “i’m sorry” and i used it wrong a lot! to using my own native language, to simply not being understood as to poor English skills, to posting when in a full break or manic time.

On the other hand as a admin i have banned around 1000 people form the irc servers, all for good reasons form Being a jerk to safely of other users.

As for fantasies everyone has them and most are very weird and odd, my own are a now a mix of choice and left over bits of my abuse i am better but are times i wish true to my heart to back there under the lash one step at a time and all

@Patrick A%%hat? sounds like a mod i did know, could of been me :confused: I used the term alot in the past

Oh, really?

(Hungrily eyes Big Red Button.)