Feeling a bit low

Feeling a bit low for like two days.

Generally doing well. No positive or negative symptoms. No delusions or hallucinations. Focus back. Can do stuff.

But last few days been feeling a bit in a rut. Living with parents. I’m 37. No children no boyfriend. Feel like I want a baby. Scared time is running out. Don’t do much with days.

Really need to start focusing on my writing and art.


I’m 43, still live with my parents too, No children, no girlfriend.

I have bad days but today I am feeling pretty good. The last 2 days I increased my clonazepam to 1.5mg from 1mg before bed and I have slept 7 hours instead of 4. l-thenaine help me remain calm and relaxed, I just feel pretty good.

I hope you feel better soon.


I’m glad you feel ok at moment.


Same here @Star84

I have been put on an AD, but it seems the dose needs increasing

Do you take one?

I am 37 living with parents no children no boyfriend either. I don’t even have a job. Just on disability. I get depressed alot. I am on invega.

No I’m not on anti d’s.

What do you hope for future?

what do you write?

Fiction. Ggggfgg

the greatest thing is stepping away and not knowing how it’s going to end. I typically pace the kitchen.

you get into negative capability. Keats.

I am starting to get fed up by those who are painting our house, I am stuck in my room all day couldnt even make coffee as they’re painting the kitchen, they are really slow too. Its exrremely hot in my room and they took my fan to dry the paint. The AC is broken and its 38C outside.

They threw out the new lights I installed saying they’re broken but they’re lying. I hope they wont steal my expensive small electronics when they paint my room.

Sounds annoying. How are your negatives?

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Not much change, though I still enjoy playing video games and talking to friends.

Ok. At least you have a bit of pleasure.

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A week ago my friends picked me up to chill. It was nice of them but I know that they dont like picking me up often as I have a car and a driving license.

Do you still exercise and diet?

I got sick of that rice. Just eating three meals a day. No snacking. Haven’t exercised much recently but planning on going for bike ride tomorrow.

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I have a new bike that I only used a few times. I never biked since I got negative symptoms except the time where I took ldopa but that made my positive symptoms worse (irritability).

I recently started talking to people again. I only trust two or three people right now but its difficult to leave the house. I wouldn’t be so hard on urself.

“Really need to start working on writing and art” That’s what did - what I do best. It’s lonely sometimes but I have a calling.

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