Having Mixed States

I’m starting to have some serious Mixed Mood Episodes/ Mixed States - Manic and Depressed at the same time!

I call these kind of Episodes, Hell on Earth.

My cognition and judgement deteriorated for a while today.

Going to call my psychiatrist either tomorrow or Monday - I may need new meds to be added to the mix.

Feeling very uncomfortable.

I need to remind myself I’m coming off clonazepam as my Rx ran out well before my next appointment, I do not deal well with discontinuation symptoms…with clonazepam I know it takes a day or two but I get extremely emotional, feel “out of it” again (a far worse feeling than it sounds) and in extreme cases have felt like my scull was crushing my brain.

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That sounds scary from what you’ve described.

Give them a call tomorrow, see what they say. No point in leaving it till Monday if you can do it tomorrow.

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Wish you feel better soon wave! Good luck

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