Everyone here tells me the North Korea thing isn't real

But I seriously think my boyfriend set me up. He’s sneaky and I think he’s the devil. He says he has a lot of connections and he is really smart. All because I didn’t look pretty enough like a model. It’s my fault for falling into the trap but the more I was with him, the less I cared about my appearance. So it was like a catch-22. Now I think he’s behind this all. I’m not sure what to do anymore. I tried to kill myself but got scared. So I think I will stay alive but then they will take me away to North Korea.

The North Korea thing isn’t real and you should probs break up with your boyfriend.


Even if you tried getting to north korea yourself you wouldnt be able to get there. You would need to apply for a visa first of all.

The reason why everyone here tells you that the North Korea thing isn’t real is obvious.
It’s because it’s not. We have no reason to lie or try to deceive you.

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Do you take medications, because I don’t think they’re working if you do.

That’s why I think it’s real. Because no medication is fixing it.

You need a serious meds change, perhaps 2 aps, that’s what I take.

Meds don’t always work for every person on every delusion, unfortunately.


I just really don’t believe it’s a delusion. It feels too real. And if it’s not a delusion, then my life is way too perfect, and that is suspicious.

I can’t imagine that you life is too perfect constantly living in fear of these delusions…but I’ve been round and round on this with you before. If med changes don’t help you, I’m honestly not sure what can be done to convince you of the truth…other than maybe the years passing without you ever getting taken to N. Korea.

In time, when nothing happens, maybe you’ll begin to understand it’s not real and trust that you are safe.


I believed my son wasn’t alive but over the years I finally came to believe he was alive and well. These things sometimes take time to recover from. Sometimes only time will heal because that’s what it takes to get us to believe.


That sounds pretty serious issue your having, do you have therapist you can talk you. I have therapist i talk to every week, it really helps to talk to someone that deals with these things. I suggest finding a professional soon, to fix this underlying issue your having. Dont waste anytime. Sooner the better.

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As a Chinese who is a neighbor of North Korea and knows a lot about the state. There is no way anyone can enter North Korea during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Why North Korea? Why not someplace else?

I know you’ve been struggling with some pretty serious delusions for a while now @flowers20 . I feel for you

It’s out of caring that everyone here says, it’s not real. It is simply your fears, not reality

Please, please, please talk to your doctor ASAP

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They just added Invega the shot to me. I’m starting to feel better.


The invega shot was very effective at bringing me out of my delusions. Good luck with it.

No. Lots of people take medication and lots of people still struggling with delusions.

I sometimes feel that too. Psychotic life was so horrible that now I have the what if thought looming over me of what if I relapse into psychosis again :sob: