I'm not doing well

I’m convinced that all the things I’m afraid of are real. My boyfriend is the devil who set me up. I got my covid shot and now feel bad that I can’t die before they get me first. It’s all super spy stuff that my life is a part of. That’s the vibe. Super spy.

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I’m sorry you feel you’re not doing well.

You have to make a leap of faith and trust your doctors and medical team.

I hope things get better for you.

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Yes I’m just doing so poorly. It really affects me this spy feeling.

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I’m sorry to hear that I’ve read a lot of your posts and it seems like your going through a lot I’ve had a lot of the delusions you have had and getting hospitalized and getting the right meds saved my life there truly is hope

What delusions have you had that I had?

Ive thought that the devil was out to get me also I remember you saying that you thought the South Korean government were out to get you trust me it’s all delusions I thought the government of Norway was out to get me so It’s similar but it’s not true it was my brain lying to me and trust me there is hope it felt incredibly hopeless before

Yeah but you didn’t think your boyfriend was the devil.

How many times do we need to tell you that your boyfriend is NOT the devil.

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I just have to think logically and that it’s far more likely that he is not the devil and therefore all the ensuing correlates of what he was responsible for are not viable no more. It’s far more likely that I am schizophrenic as this affects 1 in a 100 people not 1000-5000 out of over 7 billion which are the odds of the North Korea situation.

But part of me thinks I’m in this rare demographic that no one can really relate to my situation.

ok if you need to think this through logically, what proof do you have that a devil exists?

Like solid fact…,

The Pope says he exists.

How can he be the devil when I am?

so you trust another human being that the devil exists?

what is his solid proof that the devil exists?

I don’t think he has any? as far as I am aware

So maybe try and focus on the fact that your boyfriend is a normal human being, just going about his business,…, if possible,…,

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You’re not. For sure.

the devil is the devil, not your boyfriend

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How did he set you up?

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