Evidence for delusions

I have a lot of proof of why they might take me to North Korea and it goes back to my ex. He worked for a man who was an operative who killed himself. My ex’s twitter was hacked by Russians as the news article mentioned since this was in the news. Also online there is a 20 pg transcript of him being interviewed by the House of Representatives and he is told he could have a lawyer. This was regarding whether there was interference with Clinton e-mails.

Also people have referred to my current boyfriend as a “spook.”

What do you think of this evidence? Do you think it is proof of them taking me to North Korea?

No, your thoughts on the issue of you being taken to North Korea, given plastic surgery so you can “double” as the dictator are completely delusional. Nothing you’ve offered up points to this delusion being anything but that. But you’ve been told that multiple times by a large number of people so I doubt one more statement of this fact is going to change your mind. I don’t know what advice I can offer you as nothing seems to break you out of this delusion. You just keep coming back making the same old threads over and over again. Maybe just try to live your life since your delusion doesn’t come true for years anyway?

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Sorry I don’t mean to be a pest. I just feel this is real.

No apologies necessary. Just consider that you are wasting your life obsessing over something that is never going to happen.


But how can you be so sure?

Because none of it makes any sense. For example:

  1. If they wanted you for a double for the north korean dictator why would they wait 11 years or whatever your number of years was?
  2. Why do they need a double for the dictator in the first place?
  3. Why pick someone who doesn’t speak the language?
  4. Why not pick someone in their own population as a double as they would have easier access to them?
  5. It was a voice that told you this if I remember correctly which clearly points to Schizophrenia or some similar condition which is a condition that causes delusions also. You also thought your boyfriend was the devil. Another clue that you have psychosis.

I could go on and on but the main point is your delusion doesn’t make any sense.

I feel like it’s a thousand people they pick so it could be someone that’s part of the North Korean population. Do you have a counter for the thousand people being picked? Or at least 35 people.

Where on earth did you come up with that number? Are you saying that they are going to pick a thousand people on the planet to double as the NK dictator? I’m not sure I understand you.

Yes a thousand out of 7 billion human population. Or at least 35 people. And that number can increase after they kill each dictator off after their 7 year “reign” which is when they kill you.

Have you ever seen what radical plastic surgery does? They can’t make good doubles. Look at what happened to Michael Jackson.


North Korea has a population of 24 million. I’m still quite confident that they could pick out of their own population. I was going to bring up ZombieMombies point also that I doubt that they could make you look exactly like him anyway…

Well for whatever reason they pick foreigners too.

No they don’t. NK is notoriously a hermit kingdom.

Sigh, ok. I give up. I sorta knew this was a losing battle anyway. lol. I don’t know what else to say…New meds and therapy would be my suggestion. I wish you good luck.

But I’m not black, I’m white unlike Michael Jackson so this would be easier since the dictator is Asian.

You helped me still. If you have more reasons please share. Don’t mean to depress you.

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Race doesn’t have anything to do with the chop job and weird features people get.

I’m not depressed. Just starting to get a little frustrated.

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What does that mean? What weird features?

She means that Michael Jackson didn’t look normal after he had his plastic surgery. .