Is this psychotic

I had an MMPI done unknowingly and now I think the results are being used to prove I can be the North Korean dictator since I believe they came out normal.

You won’t become a dictator. That’s a delusion.

My vote is yes pls call your dr

Sorry friend, that sounds delusional. You should call your doctor asap

Why is it a delusion?

It just is.


You live in North Korea?

No I live in the U.S.

I sometimes feel like
a dictator or leader
and i fear that others
will poison me.

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Somehow I don’t find this helpful.

hi man, if you will feel that they want to get you, or you need to close the door for safety, it will be better to ask your doctor what he/ she think about it.
they provably have heard a lot of stuff and will know if this is a delusion.

Yes my doctor thinks it’s not true. It’s just sometimes hard trusting someone when you feel your life is at stake. But you’re right they probably heard this stuff before. I don’t feel like closing my door for safety since this isn’t supposed to happen for another 10 years.

well, my theory is this:
if it doesn’t disturb your life, job, social life so it’s fine.
well, we will never stop engaging with strange things.
delusion or not, as long you can live with that so… I see no problem.
sometimes meds don’t work, and this is where responsibility comes in, to distinguish when you are "fine: and when need extra help.

Well, if you’ve got 10 years, why worry now? I’ll be lucky if I live another 10 years. :upside_down_face:

Well I’ll be around in 10 years so this doesn’t help me.

So, are you going to spend 10 years worrying about it?

I’m getting over it so no.

That’s good on you.

What happened to thinking North Korea was going to imprison you for being a terrorist?

Or that the US was going to arrest you?

Your delusions changed, which makes it all that much more obvious it’s a delusion.

Yes but it was part of the same problem. They cancelled on arresting/torturing me into turning me into a dictator through plastic surgery because I was a terrorist. Being a terrorist is part of the same delusion.

With my psychiatrist’s help, I’m slowly getting over this.