Everyone here tells me the North Korea thing isn't real

I’m just paranoid again sort of because I just saw a post where I wrote my paranoia was getting better. And then I know that it got worse again. So I’m worried it’s going to get worse again. That this is just temporary.


Paranoia about paranoia… Just give it time and see what happens @flowers20 . I hope it works out well for you.

Sorry to hear of your troubles

If I were you I’d consult the professionals and see if a med change can help with your delusions

If APs don’t work you might have treatment resistant Schizophrenia, and in that situation Clozapine is an excellent medication to treat it

There’s just this one girl who is now a famous news reporter that went to my high school that makes me paranoid I’ll be famous one day (as in the dictator).

IDK. Other people have basically said this before but why would North Korea pick some anonymous, random, schizophrenic stranger who knows nothing about running a country and make that person head of their country? Does that make sense to you?

I heard North Korea said they have nobody who got infected with COVID. Like zero person.

The nuclear arsenal of North Korea is real. I think that before long they will have 30 warheads, with the missiles to deliver them. That is the kind of thing we need to protect ourselves from by building a defensive missile system. Our Arleigh Burke class destroyers and Ticonderoga class cruisers can shoot down North Korean missiles from positions in the Pacific Ocean. We probably will need to work out a defense against Iranian missiles too. We really can’t do more than shoot down a few missiles with our cruisers and destroyers. Hitting a missile traveling five times faster than a high powered rifle bullet is extremely hard to do. It makes hitting a bullet with a bullet look easy.

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That’s not what her delusions are about @crimby . Her delusion centers around her believing that she will be abducted to N Korea and given plastic surgery to become the N. Korean dictator.

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Why would the sole hegemon hyperpower in the world be concerned with a state that has 30 nuclear warheads and perhaps have the reliability to deliver them using out of date ballistic missile systems? North Korea acquired nuclear weapons because of the military threat coming from the United States. The DPRK cannot even project their naval forces beyond the littoral coast of the peninsula whereas the US Navy positioned 3 nuclear powered aircraft carriers around the Korean Peninsula during POTUS 45’s time in office. It makes no sense to me how an impoverished country such as North Korea can be a threat to the US.

Good for North Korea as they wouldn’t have the medical care, medical technology or the vaccination ability to deal with Covid-19.

I just don’t see myself as a random schizophrenic stranger. I think I was a spy or terrorist. Then I think I’ve been set up into this N.K. business.

Have you ever spied on or terrorized anyone?

This is a cyclical illness.

You’re gonna have good days and bad.

…Maybe on a good day, write down a list of reasons of why and how this North Korea thing is nonsense.

You can recheck your list on the days you’re feeling badly to remind yourself of those reasons.

Just a thought.

And when I say nonsense, I don’t mean to trivialize your delusions. But coming from someone who has had their own delusions too, just know that they’re absolutely false and baseless.


I think I did. Just not sure. I didn’t mean to if I did.

Thanks for this. This helps.

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That’s right, it’s not real.

You keep saying stuff like this. Apparently they are enough of a threat that Trump had to meet with their leader and other countries seem to take them seriously too. When a leader of a country threatens other countries, it’s serious. And their ultimate goal appears to be to start a war. Whether they have one warhead or 30 warheads they make enough people who are in power very nervous.

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I don’t believe it tbh

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