My boyfriend

He’s sure that I don’t have schizophrenia or related issue. He knows me really well. I think I faked some of my problems from a young age. I don’t know if I really have it. I do believe people are clones and that they will take me away to North Korea. I’m starting to believe this will be pointless but then a part of me thinks what if they make it pointful? But what if this is true. Especially if I don’t have a problem? My boyfriend doesn’t think that the things I’m afraid will come true either. But I feel like he’s just saying that.

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IDK. I find it works better to leave the diagnosing to professionals.


have you ever heard voices in your head, literally voices?

Some professionals think I have it but they were going off what my family said.

I heard quiet voices inside my head. But my boyfriend said he hears them too.

can’t you just leave your boyfriend? Not sure if that’s good advice. Do you rely on him for support? I don’t know. I feel like it’s just a hastle.

Didn’t the Dr see you physically? He can diagnose you just by talking to you.


At the hospital they have. But when the psychiatrist came to my house I freaked out since I didn’t want to talk to anyone. One psychiatrist didn’t think I had a problem just a vitamin D deficiency after talking to my boyfriend.

You never talk one-on-one to your doctor and tell them what you are experiencing? I mean input from your family is great and can be helpful but a doctor needs to hear firsthand from you what you are experiencing. He needs to hear about delusions about N. Korea and dictators and stuff.


Thats good that the Dr went to your house. I wish that my psychiatrist would have done the same when I tried to kill myself twice.

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I see a nurse practitioner and told her my symptoms. She doesn’t think it’s real what I’m experiencing.

Does a psychologist help your delusions temporarily even for a short time?

I don’t see a psychologist. I don’t know whether what I’m experiencing is really delusional.

not sure if trolling or not…

Of course it ain’t real, that’s the definition of a delusion.

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I dont think she’s trolling, she’s been posting about North Korea for ages.


if i was in your situation, i would see a doctor not just a NP. I would go to the hospital and get my meds changed. I never had a girlfriend, but if my delusions surrounded that person, I would think about staying with that person.

No one believed me when I said I had delusions and hallucinations at work that interfered with me working. When I told people I knew that I was on disability no one believed it because I was so awesome at working doing my nuclear medicine job for 14 years. My friends still don’t believe I’m sick because I don’t talk about it or show it. Once I start talking about it you can tell I’m out of my mind.


Maybe it can help for a short time as you’re treatment resistant. I guess you already tried Clozapine?

No I haven’t tried it. But I feel little better on the Haldol I’m now on.

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