Ever hallucinate your being tortured and feel it?

At one point I felt I was being electrocuted through some ground based electromagnetic technology or by electrical outlets in the house. That the Illuminati were torturing me using ELF for not going along with their program. This was before I was on meds, it was a painful time, I felt like I was being electrocuted for weeks. Anybody else have stuff like this?

Yes. Not pleasant.

Oh go away. 1515

I’m sorry I’m just having a hard day.

Yes I did, but mental torture, not physical, before meds.

No be hallucination, it’s real. Can’t be sure with a messed up mind. It’s best to take meds and take lavender and sea salt baths to punctuate the effects.

Not torture as such, but I feel pain when the tactile hallucinations are present, feels like real hands putting pressure on my skin or scratching under it, and I get bad headaches after a few hours of audio hallucinations

I used to get sleep paralysis and whatever I thought I felt - normally wrestling with Jack the Ripper and being hacked to bits. I’ve not had it since switching to Olanzapine/Zyprexa.

I have memories and intense visualizations of being tortured in past aeons/past lives in the multiverse/cyclic universe. I believe it’s true but don’t understand how it can be true. I think I’m being more rational about it since being on l-theanine. I mean I know it’s silly, but it feels so real.

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Yeah it does feel real. That’s why I think it is. But I don’t like to talk about it on here, cuz this site is for recovery.

@Daze it seems more of a place for help and support than solely recovery, not everybody is in the same stage of illness or combativeness so it doesn’t strike as just being recovery based. We can all learn from different aspects

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It seems that after I die (every time), I wake up in the past (in a psychopathic universe) at a mental hospital where my delusions become real and everything goes wrong. It’s some shitty alternative reality that resembles purgatory or hell.

That sounds awful dude, soldier through. Luckily I don’t sleep too much so I seldom get into a deep sleep. I’ve dreamed of killing a few times, always the same dream and same people.

Well, yes and no, cuz admin here will lock thread on mind control or targeting or any sort of beliefs that might start a reaction in the community. I know I can’t post it. But this thread might be safe, I’m not sure, cuz more people are posting on it.

It is. And then it’s like the movie Edge of Tommorow where I keep dying and respawn to try to survive for something I don’t know. I have knowledge of the past lives and have to adjust my behavior to survive while everyone and everything is trying to kill me. It’s a living hell.

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Honestly, sometimes I feel God is punishing me for believing the universe is a computer simulation and not believing in the bible. I don’t know though. I’m just being honest and I know it’s weird what I’m saying. But it feels so true.

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Don’t remember my dreams. Are these dreams, @astefano.? I don’t know, it seems scary, I would try to not become too fatalistic, but I know sometimes it’s bizzare.

No not dreams. Memories of past lives. Same body, same earth, just different personalities and different events happen in the world. Kind of like parallel universes to be exact.

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Doesn’t seem like mind control tactics, maybe I misunderstand - I figure a way of helping people a little further behind in the recovery process is by sharing your own escape stories, but I’m new to this place

Maybe you’re able to embody someone else, or something that would give you direction, it can be the mind trying to form some sense of the madness. I don’t know, I still seems kind of dreamlike, but more like you are creating a space that never really exists.

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