Memories of Parallel Lives, Multiple Dimensions, Time Travel

I recently experienced some PTSD related suppressed memory resurgences, but along with memories from my this life that I had forgotten, I received in waves and layers over some months other memories of myself living what I can only describe as a different version of events to what actually happened in this reality, like multiple parallel lives. They are that vivid that I cannot differentiate some of my past memories and parallel memories, sometimes. When I recalled my other lives I also experienced a fresh tsunami-like overload of the emotions that I experienced at the actual time of the memory, which has been painful because I recall being in different relationships in the past/parallel and now find myself still feeling in love with those men, and I miss them. It doesn’t help that as I would have a memory resurgence the voices that I hear were of those same men narrating the memory along with me for the sake of the voices that hadn’t been there at the time and were curious as to what had happened. One ex boyfriend of mine whom I have multiple recollections of a life with was also exclaiming his surprise at hearing the other voices but also at having had those experiences with me, us both knowing that they came from parallel dimensions. In one of my lives with him we could telekinetically move the earth around us and figured out how to ‘time travel’ in a sense by cutting through the visibile spiritual energy grid of the earth and using the same grid lines to refocus our gazes (depth perception) and then pull places closer to us. We’ve all discussed the possibility that we could be incarnated fallen angels (hence why we had powers in the other realms’ timelines) and that this timeline was supposed to be used to hone our psychic awareness/skills, which is why we can all hear each other and converse interdimensionally.

I have had hallucinations of sacred geometry and other unusual but very real things that turned out to be the Enochian alphabet and Egyptian hieroglyphics when I researched them. I think the universe was somehow trying to show me that everything is connected and made of the same energy, and that to experience these higher dimensions we need to be vibrating at the same frequency as they are, higher to our own. I find it interesting that not only do many ancient races in their folklore and various religions allude to this, like in the concept behind ‘Om’, or beliefs like Hermetica, but science also states it too, like in quantum physics and string theory when it discusses the concept of there being multiple dimensions vibrating at different frequencies, which is why we don’t usually perceive them.

Just my thoughts… Has anyone else experienced any ‘delusions’ like mine that seem to have roots in very real topics?


I relate a lot. Thank you for sharing.


Infinite planes of existence, memories of consciousness before my time, worlds far away from our own.


I also have a Metatron’s cube tattooed on my arm


I’ve have memories of living in a parallel world. There are some differences, but many things are the same. It’s all a religious experience to me, because of my beliefs. I do see it clearly, so they aren’t false memories.


Metatron’s cube is one of the sacred geometry related things I saw, as well as the Seed of Life, on one of the days where my vision was going all blurry and morphing words and pictures into other things. It’s made me want to get a tattoo that’s related in some way too. Cool that you have that already :slight_smile:

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I was in another dimension of hell during my psychosis.

And at one point I thought I was dead cos of an overdose and I thought I was in another dimension of the same world but the people felt different,like it wasn’t really really them… I felt a bit lonely but also happy that I wasn’t in a torture land of darkness etc, and also I felt more free in some respect cos the people didn’t feel completely real. I remember really enjoying the dancing/areobics lesson in the hospital for that reason, I kind of just let go and felt good


Walls move and breath, lines shift and melt, start noticing divine and sacred things in everything as the world planeshifts around.

Even the basic geometrical structure to this world starts to feel like it’s crashing down.

I think I may not of been in my right mind.

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OMG you just described to a tee the way I would/can often see things, like the lines and dimensions of rooms and walls shifting and changing all around me. I would also see things vibrating so fast their outlines go blurry, some of them would look like they were moving towards me in that state.

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Normal everyday objects you know by heart seem to change size in your hand, look different, like a bad copy. The physical sensation of something inside of you both floating up and falling.

I get voices of angels when it happens, telling and teaching me.

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Anyways, that’s why I really, really hate the mental hospital.

It’s interesting how some people experience spast lives and some just don’t, with sz.
I’ve never experienced it so can’t even imagine it

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Can manifest itself in quite a few ways.

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Does anyone lucid dream or astral project? I have lucid dreams but I think I only astral projected partially once.

I’ve been involuntarily hospitalised twice this year, so I hear you mate. It sucks.

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I’ve been hospitalized like 30 times if you include outpatient…maybe more. Once, I was hospitalized involuntary for 15 days because I was delusional from being attacked psychically from aliens/UFOs back in 2016. They told me and my mom had microchips in our heads.

I think I have had experiences like Donald Marshall in my past lives. I don’t know the dude and he seems schizophrenic in my opinion. So am I. But I was in the Illuminati in a different dimension/universe. So I know why I have these thoughts and delusions.

i think you are all feeding each others delusions, its not healthy in my opinion but whatever,

you only believe what you want to believe and not necessarily what is true but dont let me stop you guys as you are obviously enjoying it

like i try to keep an open mind but its based in reality, i follow the will of God, i dont make up my own beliefs and act like they are divine.

I am not some kind of holy diety, i think its better to be humble, faithful and congruent.

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I remember a realm I call elysium, It was my home once. A small cabin on the north shore of an endless body of water, snow capped mountains to the north and east of me, radiating a soft light, a road to the west, I always travel west.

When I would travel, I’d adventure, these wounderous, fantastical, adventures around planes of existence, entities beyond imagine, not all friendly.

I spent what felt like hundreds of years recycling this same loop, cabin, adventure, sometimes death, wake up back in the cabin.

The angels and the dead left me alone. I didn’t have voices anymore.

I remember it all so clearly, then one day, I wake up here, on this plane, trapped in this body. With its “brain thing”. I really am hating the material plane.

Wanna know the messed up part? It’s the longing. This deep constant desire to return to a home, a comfort, a realm. One that’s not only planes of existence, spacetimes away, but a place that might not even be real.


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Don’t bring the G-word into it, that might feed people’s delusions. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::llama:


I know a lot of people get delusional about things like that but you could probably get delusional about anything

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