Does somebody here had no choice except accept the pain until it gets better? Pls, answer

I am in emotional and physical pain still… The docs said, that they can’t help me more… And that I should pay efforts now and accept the small help of the zyprexa…
Does some of you here were against this wall too? By your choice maybe too or by not much help of the meds…
Did it ease for you with time? There’s hope in the fight of the pain, right? I can endure it a bit still, maybe I even have progress already, but I know still, that for some time still, I’ll feel it everyday :unamused:
I should continue trying, right?

Reading your posts I feel like you are suffering more than almost anyone else on this forum. I hope things turn around for you.

What is the pain like? Can you describe it? I never had pain, but I did have tactile hallucinations.

I’m happy to hear that Zyprexa gives you some relief.

Hmm. . .

With The Help Of Zyprexa. (I Didn’t Know They Still Prescribed That One).

N e Hoo. . .

Since They Still Do.

And It’s Helping A Bit.

Use The Clarity It Gives, Focus, And ANALYZE, Your Well Being.

You Will Feel Safer As The Medications Take A More Sincere And Respectful Stand.

Against The Physical Confusion That Is Surrounding The Sphere Of Quaint.

It Takes Time.

But!, Stay True To Yourself. And ANALYZE With Clarity, It Helps.


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Have you considered supplements ? They help me.

Of course you should keep trying. Who’s helping you? A common theme today is helping yourself.

My first two years with schizophrenia, pretty much nothing helped. I endured. It was torture.

I’ll say the same thing I always say to you: you need to get out of your head and take action. If I spend a week with only going to work and a few other places, I start ruminating and obsessing about my problems. I can only imagine what it must be like to do it for months and years. I think I do the same thing you do. I think I can “think” my way out of my situation. Well, it only works to a certain degree. You can think you are manipulating and changing and arranging situations in your mind but the reality is that it’s all in your head.

You can solve some problems that way but reality is when you step out your front door and face other people and situations. It usually isn’t pleasant and nice but facing reality is what gets you what you want. Other people have similar problems like yours. I have similar problems to yours. I tend to want to isolate but since I have no peace in my own apartment, it makes getting out the better alternative.

We all have problems with isolating; it just takes forcing yourself to do what you don’t want to do–but you do it anyways because you know it’s good for you. Or other people know it’s good for you. Joe Biden justified his order to withdraw from Afghanistan by saying, “There is no good time to withdraw.” Well, he’s right even though his policy effectively meant we wasted the last 20 years and countless lives by being in that country. But I would say that apples to you too. There’s never going to be a good time to end your isolation. If you wait for the perfect time to get out and commit yourself to something outside your house you may isolate another 20 years. You just need to take the plunge and take a class once a month or take a walk once a week. Even if you don’t feel like it. Because it’s good for you.

And if you do enough things that are good for you, you are going to feel better about your life and better about yourself. I don’t have all the answers; this is just all common sense or from my own experience. I do all kinds of things I don’t want to do. But it gives me the freedom to do the things I want to do. IDK what else to say.

Our situations are different and the severity of our illness is different. But when I first got sick in 1980 when I was 19 and I was living in the group home and I was psychotic I still got out and went for walks or went to the book store. Personally, I got cabin fever and had a lot of time on my hands so used to get up and take a shower and get dressed and just leave the home. If you want to talk about pain, I also spent months sitting for hours every day in an old dirty chair out in the back porch by myself fighting for what little sanity I had. Talk about suffering. I was 19 and unmedicated just going through the wringer. Totally crazy.

Anyways, @anna1, I recommend you use all the resources in your area and all the people you know and get out. Take that step and do something. I’ll leave you with one of my favorite sayings, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” Your journey is overcoming 20 years of isolation. You have many choices of what your first step should be.

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The pain can be my fear, my paranoia… I suffer physically even then, can’t stand on my feet, I feel bad sensations in my legs and I need to run away from the people…
My suffering changes in hours… just right now, I felt that I am just too dumb and now ugly, because of the damages of the meds, the sz and my lifestyle from the years… Pain to be an unloved sz, who will always be unloved, cause he has nothing sane in him, nothing special…
I wonder if I suffer, cause I know way too much what is “normal”? Maybe that’s why I suffer… I progressed a bit on the accepting of my illness though, but per moments, it still freakscme out, cause I am mostly alone in life… there’s no good feedback… My mother thinks that I’ll be forever alone and ill… She sees very badly the mi, my dad was a total tyran and psycho and even criminal with us… Maybe he was sick too in fact… I felt so unloved since a very early age and this is one of the worst miseries on earth… I was battling all on my own, totally alone, with this father around, who was beating till death my mom and my sister… And even despite that, my mom and my sister say my case is genetic… Do I suffer more than he others? Maybe cause I knew 20 years of loneliness and isolation too… But it’s hard to hear, that I am more severe than the others… I hold on to my sensibility now… I was probably unable to feel some emotions before… now, I let go everything which comes to me. Maybe that’s why I am in pain… I felt so unloved for years, that I was feeling this pain physically yeah… that’s all… can you measure the suffering? Probably not… I suspect, that my acolytes in my pain, just don’t write much…


I make 15 walk every day since an year… this is the change here. But I still don’t expand, that’s what worries me… I was like this always before on the most of the things… I was always finding myself stuck after some time of trying… but anyway. I can work on my well being at home too, I wasn’t doing even that before…
But yeah, I make my small walk every day and I hate it still… but I do it…
I guess it’s harder for me now, cause I was probably sick since kid, this is the worst prognosis ever…
I have my ill online bf still too… he is trying to help. And I have some friends left on the phone and Facebook…
OK, hugs! I’ll read better your message again :slightly_smiling_face:

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I suffer too. Think the best way to describe my pain is torment and impending doom. But I’m slowly becoming numb to a lot of things, including my mind. Honestly I don’t remember being happy at any point of my life. I hope you feel better

Good for you for taking that walk @Anna1. It’s a good start. Maybe there’s a walking group near you?
That would be a good next goal, to do something with another person. Whatever that would be, it would be a good goal to do some activity or talk to one or more people in person. I’ve had case workers, counselors and therapists take me out to coffee. Would that be a viable option for you? It was just me and them sitting at a small table sipping coffee out on the sidewalk or on a college campus.

Everyone of us have the same pain of paranoia, just got to keep taking medicine and wait till a better one comes out

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Am sorry to hear that, thaze… OK, I guess that we both knew the worst… so let’s try something else now for the coming years… I am getting older, it’s harder with that… you are young, don’t ever give up.
For me before, it was really just The HELL…pure torture… who put me in there, is it was me too? Maybe… I had a beating father, but my sister is mentally healthy… I am trying to make my peace, that my mind is special and will be it always. Some people accepted this easier, am glad for them, it’s a progress :slightly_smiling_face: for the rest, maybe I am just traumatized now by the years, where it was hell in my head and body… we’ll see, I fight now…
I knew also lot of total despair, which was killing me slowly… for the orthodox, the despair is a sin :smirk:
Anyway, I guess some pain is needed in life yeah, this too…
I don’t want to overwhelm nobody now in fact… maybe I am just traumatized now by the past years, as I said it before, yeah…

The paranoia varies from person to person I think. Mine was never that bad but I would be catatonic. For long periods of time and try to hurt myself amongst a long time of being delusional and well just split from reality. Hope y feel better and maybe different meds would help. Best of luck to you

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Wow I’m
Dumb I forgot I alrdy posted that

But yeah I’ll say it again stay strong lol. And thank you

I feel too lonely now to join some group… am fed up by the institutions tbh… I was in the psychiatry for the last ten years, even common groups, am fed up by that…
Yeah, I have my online bf since some time, this is new for me :relaxed: I never had such a long relationship with a man till this… even though, that idk what kind of relationship is that…
I practice more my talking too now sometimes yeap… with my mom, my last friends, even people outside briefly, cause I tend to run away still hah :relaxed: My mind is obsessed by the sz, so I end up by saying to everyone, that I am mentally ill, so sometimes now I avoid that, but I can’t think of anything else yet, so I stop talking and hide still…

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You can really be happier, I believe it firmly!!! Try to work on that, don’t lose years as me :roll_eyes::slightly_smiling_face:

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Maybe volunteer for an hour a week? I don’t know what you like to do but maybe something where you don’t need to talk much but you are around people. A pottery class? Or some other craft? You would all have the same thing in common but the main focus is on the craft, not the socializing.

Im 28 and I don’t remember at least half of it. I forget how old I am. What state im in sometimes but you know that’s my problem. Im learning tho lol

It won’t work this because of my conversion disorder. I need to fix that first…it’s a physical disorder… the cause is the mind too… but I am almost as a physical infirm too now… I should reprogram my brain first…
Thanks for the help though…

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Good luck……

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