Does anyone know of someone with schizophrenia who got kicked off disability benefits due to medical improvement?

what were the details that were involved?

I am a high functioning schizophrenic but still can’t hold a job…I got reviewed a couple times back when I was trying to return to my career as an architect…but failed both times and reported that to social security…that and I can’t concentrate very good…they leave me alone now…it’s been decades since I worked.


I didn’t get kicked off but I went off because I went back to work I can make a lot more money working than I can on SSDI but I was comfortable without working. I was already financially secure without a job.

I think you can be pretty bad off and work. If you can cut your own grass you can do that for a living. If you can prepare your own meals you can do that for a living. If you can clean your own house you can do that for a living.

Now if someone has to do all that stuff for you it’s a different story.

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do you think most schizophrenics on disability should get jobs after a few years of getting stable?

ive seen people say theyd get a full time job if they found a high paying one. which is basically like saying you think you can work, but unless it’s higher pay, you choose not to.

I work 24 hours a week. Wouldn’t wanna work much more!! Full time?? I don’t think I could handle that.

Maybe I’d last a couple months max!!

I can only handle working part time too.

It’s a common fear, I guess. I fear it too sometimes. Like even if I improve 1%.

I’ll probably get my PIP stopped at my next assessment because I work part time now, even though it’s meant to be an ‘in work benefit’.

I’ve yet to see someone say it has happened to a person they knew which is good because it would be a moronic thing to do if someone got a job that couldn’t pay for their meds. But I think the majority of us who are on it dream of working off of it some day due to its restrictions and I wish those of you who try some day good luck and God speed. As for those of you who don’t I understand why because the long term effects of the meds can become disabling as well and the cost of the health care can become prohibitive. And for some of us the meds don’t make us better enough to matter anyway.

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I got kicked off of PIP about a month ago. In the UK they are trying to force as many people as they can back into work even when it is not really a good idea. I am currently living below the poverty line because of it. They are ending DLA so when I got moved over they assessed me and denied me for it, apparently 25% of DLA applicants were denied.

I honestly would be dead or very poor off without my family. I cannot live alone because I either get too lonely or relapse. If I didn’t live with my parents, I would be in a crappy, dirty board and care again and live off of 20-40 bucks a month. You cannot even get cigarettes with that money. And 90% of schizophrenics smoke? It’s like 8-9 dollars a pack now in California.

Thank god for food stamps but I haven’t applied yet or anything.

I’m not sure why room and boards or board and cares and group homes don’t exist anymore or are not common in California anymore. They say it’s not profitable, too many regulations, and fees and taxes. Not sure why. I guess there’s pros and cons to any side, politically speaking.

SSI is just to survive, the basics. I guess there isn’t that much money in the system, but there probably is!..

I’m due to be reassessed for PIP in 2022(process might start the year before) ,and am a little concerned about how being in remission from schizoaffective will affect that.

I have never worked. That can be put down to mental illness effects and not getting the help that would’ve made work a viable option . The nearest I got to it was a plan to send me to a rehabilitation centre to assess me in the late 1970s. That would have been a good idea to highlight my strengths and weaknesses and tailor help more appropriately. My then pdoc however put the dampener on it because she thought I wasn’t well enough.

I do think things are better now in terms of seeing a person’s potential if he/she gets the right treatment with meds and non med support.

That wasn’t the case when I got ill and left school in the mid 70s. The hurdles it was thought you could jump over were placed much lower, and little attempt was made to help you jump over a higher hurdle .

One concern for people in the UK is if work doesn’t go well going back on benefits , and that that isn’t always a quick and smooth process.

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it’s exactly opposite for me, years ago they called to the Ticket to Work

and I did all the phone interviews and paperwork, and they said I didn’t qualify.

They gave no explanation, she left a voicemail saying that.

I wouldn’t have gone back to work if I would have been making less than what I was making on SSDI.

My SSDI check was about $2400 a month so I wouldn’t have gone back to work for minimum wage unless it was part time to stay on disability.

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In the US there is 3.5% unemployment and not too long ago they were talking about having more jobs than people applying for them. So as you may not be surprised to hear that there has been an effort to employ people from prison and yes the mentally ill. There’s now talk however that the economy is slowing and a recession may be near. However for the time being austerity measures are in progress like block grants for Medicaid, and work requirements as well. Naturally these jobs are the less desirable jobs in general and I expect that if the recession occurs they will go back to some of those who lose better ones and the mentally ill will be back where they started and the ex-cons will end up back in jail with the exception of those who perform well. It’s a part of life.

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There’s so much money out there it’s in the trillions and trillions. I’ve already discussed this before or thought about it. It’s pretty complicated. I don’t even know how to think about it sometimes. No one does. Someday, we’re going to have to go with a candidate like Bernie Sanders. Not sure when. Is 2020 too early? I don’t agree with a lot of stuff he says. Would Andrew Yang be better?

I feel like the people controlling society are like the old aristrocrats from Europe. How many trillionaires do we need? How many quadrillionaires or quintillionaires? Huh? Huh?

I don’t think the “aliens” want socialism, but then again I don’t really care how it goes. I just don’t want fascism or something like that. And I don’t want to be tortured again. I’m tired of living off peanuts.

Basically my argument goes like this: There are an infinite amount of Jeff Bezos out there (richest guy in the world – all doing the same ■■■■). These guys are running and controlling the same billion/trillion dollar corporations. The other poor people (like me) are doing the same ■■■■ too. We could transfer the money between parallel universes (through an unknown mechanism like a wormhole – if you can send people why not money?). They seem to be able to send my consciousness between universes or communicate or at least do something to me. The universe does come back (big bounce theory), so something is causing it to collapse and expand indefinitely. What is that? Last, we live in a sim. I’m sure there are better, more efficient ways to allocate money.

It’s like infinite chess.

I don’t think there are many trilionaires. That’s a lot of money. Donald Trump is a billionaire but he couldn’t even put a dent in what the US owes in national debt.

Virtual currency is out there. Like Bitcoin and the like. The IRS is trying to figure out how to levy it. It can buy things and supposedly can’t be hacked. If you lose your password there is no way to recover your investment and no nation or debt collectors can touch it. It’s better than a Swiss bank account.

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But if you forget your password, it’s gone. That sucks.

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I’m not worried about losing my disability benefits. I was awarded maximum PIP without a face-to-face interview. It was a simple process for me, my supported housing manager filled in the form, it was signed by the person who managers my finances as they say I lack capacity to manage my own finances, 2 weeks later the PIP assessor rang my manager and asked a few questions, I got my award within 5/6 weeks at hight rate mobility and high rate care = £600 a month.

I first claimed disability benefits when I was 17 years old, back in 2003. Back then I was awarded DLA, high care, low mobility with a face to face interview and stayed on that until earlier this year. That was just for learning difficulties, I had my social worker sign the form them.

In 16 years I have only had to attend one assessment for ESA, and I was only in there 10 minutes and the assessor said I needn’t of attended. My manager asked him happens now and he said ‘‘I can see he’s severely disabled, his money will remain the same’’

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We really need to go back to a time when specialists treating a person and/or the their GP had the primary say . The current situation of health professionals who opt to work for ATOS etc , and know sod all about the person’s condition, and how it affects them, having a major say needs to stop. It leads to inaccuracy and dishonesty . Especially in the latter case if there’s a number of people they’re supposed to fail regardless of whether they should be failed.