Does anyone know of someone with schizophrenia who got kicked off disability benefits due to medical improvement?

If u are still with a cpn and you still struggle and can get them to write a supporting statement u might be OK. We can still get pip even if working, as long as life is affected

Their supporting statements make a lot of difference

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I got kicked off pip cos I came off my meds and sent them an update of how I’m feeling somewhat better. It’s so annoying cos they cut it off but then I relapsed n got worse again

The quality of supporting statements can vary widely . Mine for PIP just consisted of "He has x diagnosis and it’s likely to be permanent "

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I didn’t realise they could be so basic
Mine was more detailed than that

^ The quality of mental health professionals varies . The ones I had in Essex would’ve averaged 2-3/10 .

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Never attended a medical in nearly 20 Years. I just gave the paperwork to my Social Worker and let him deal with it. Got a Clinical Letter sent to the DWP as well. Got put in the support catagory for PIP / ESA.

As far as i know they wont bother me again - whether i improve or not.

Theres no damn way im capable for work - im just glad i had the CMHT fighting my corner.

Thanks for the advice @anon90843118. My life still is affected and I only work part time hours. I am with a CPN and an employment support person and have a psychiatrist and have just had some psychological therapies.

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In the USA it is very difficult for SSA to kick someone off of disability for a diagnoses like this once they have already been approved. Not unless they go work too much or go to school full time. Then they can get kicked off.


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