Am I still disabled?

Hello everyone :slight_smile: I am 34 now and I am paranoid schizopehrenic since 2012. Also I am on disability until February 2021. Anyway in last year I made a huge work toward recovery (CBT therapy, quitting smoking, regular sport, regular work, dietetary supplements beneficial for schizophrenia). I feel good now. I would like to try get off antypsychotic medicines in the future. so I am getting afraid little bit I will lose my disability and pensions. Have anyone of you guys lost your benefits etc because of being recovered from this illness?

If you will get recovered, you will not need disability. You will be able to work

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I think the reason you’re doing well is the antipsychotic you take. You should stay on it


@aceracc, I agree with @ZmaGal. Stay on your AP meds. You’ll most likely be very sorry if you don’t.


I agree with @Om_Sadasiva If you’re ok why not getting back to work?


@aceracc, Why not go back to work and stay on you AP meds at the same time?


Don’t make the mistake almost everyone here has made. We all got better after being on antipsychotics, and thought we were cured, and tried going off our meds. It ends badly. I wound up in the hospital, and now need double my original dose to stay stable.

Additionally, I recently had an MRI that showed gray matter loss!!! Psychosis literally disintegrates our brains, and the only protection against it is antipsychotics. Seeing that really made me committed to staying on meds for life. Schizophrenia isn’t something you can power through with good coping skills. It’s a degenerative disease that causes physical damage to your brain, and that needs to be treated with medication. You wouldn’t tell an amputee to just focus on walking where their leg used to be. It’s the same thing, except that you can’t see your brain.

If you feel recovered enough to work, ask your caseworker about going back to work. Most states/countries have a return to work program for people looking to get off disability. It can help you test the waters of working without risking your benefits. As far as I know, in the US you need to have proof of treatment in order to collect disability, so if you quit your meds you could lose it.


Very good @ninjastar.


My pdoc said to me that each psychosis a person has takes a little more of the person…

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I had no idea that its degenerative. Now I’m doubly scared.

People with schizophrenia generally lose 1-10% more gray matter than their peers. It was a huge wakeup call to me when I got that MRI.


What are the long term consequences to losing all that gray matter? Is it worse cognitively or closer to dementia?

As far as I know, they haven’t found any serious negative effects from it. But maybe there’s a more recent study I’m not aware of. It’s still scary that it happens.

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What does grey matter do, exactly? My mom told me about grey matter loss. She told me that if I truly want to do some work in math and computer science, that I would need to preserve as much grey matter as possible, and that if I continue to live in psychosis that my dreams may be ruined. I don’t want that, I want to double major in CS and math and I want to be one of the best.


Absolutely, thanks for the info, I had no idea.

My brother stopped going to doctors and taking meds 8 years ago. He didnt want ssi and he told them that. He has bipolar disorder ADHD and autism. He has a job but he doesnt interact with people. He’s struggling right now but he was told he could work. I just wish he would get back on an AP and mood stabilizer

Gray matter is brain cells. White matter is the mylenated sheaths on the dendrites. Gray matter does everything, but when you lose some, the remaining cells take over function for the part that was damaged.


Yeah, I mean, sometimes things don’t go as you want…I think it’s wrong for you to be forced to do something which stresses you out or destabilizes you in any way, over the short or long term make of that statement what you will.

You can work up to the equivilant of check part time

if you go full time they’ll take off the checks

and in my circumstances, I worked a year and half

then I needed to get back on it. No questions asked.

I was wondering if you take fish oil? Someone put an article on here that fish oil can increase grey matter.