How likely are they to take away disability from a schizophrenic?

I can probably work and I plan on using the ticket to work program. But I have episodes still I’m wondering if it’s even a good idea to work and ■■■■ it all up with my stable life and having the ability to pay rent.


very, very unlikely.
take care :alien:

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I have the same thoughts, but if i were having episodes, I wouldn’t even consider working but that’s just me. I wanted to work and wondered if they would decrease or take away my disability, so I chose school over immediate work. At least if I have school I can have a chance at a better paying job which greater benefits any disability pay I may need.

I feel you. Maybe you could talk to the authorities to find out what the rules on that are. You have the potential to get a lot more money if you can work. In the end I think only you can answer that question.

I wouldn’t think it’s likely, my brother works as a landscaper in the summer and he still gets his ssi. He doesn’t make much but enough to buy his cigarettes. But he doesn’t have schizophrenia he has adhd, autism and bipolar disorder.

I have been working (mostly part-time) and collecting Social Security for more than thirty years. I am deemed “not able to support myself” on my own. I am not cheating the government in any way. I mail in my pay stubs to Social Security showing how much I’ve earned in a month, I do this every month so they know exactly what my income is.

They also review my case about every two or three years. At my first job out of the hospital I was pretty messed up mentally. I was sedated from heavy doses of meds. Most days I was barely hanging on to my sanity. I might have been psychotic but I’m not sure. But I worked there for four years. Social Security gives me almost a full check every month.

It all comes down to what your p-doc puts down on the annual report. Most will =not= allow a true, still-episodic sz to be taken off disability if they can help it.

Gotta be careful, was on disability for 20 years, my counselor said it would be ok to work so i did, but made too much and the govt stopped the checks and they say we owe them money, if it could be done over, we wouldn’t have got a job just to be another worker in the hive, now here is a relapse for me from too much stress, so it’s a joy to free fall, the anger builds and festers, Rage is back and he is never happy…my stupidity thinking it would be good to work and get off disability, crash and burn

Hello I am also wondering about this question I am being reviewed. It is a five year review. Ive never had a review before and I am very nervous. I am better than when I got disability 5 years ago, I think but ironically at that time I was working part time off and on and now i don’t. Based on the advice of my Dr who says i will never hold a regular job again I haven’t tried to do much but work on healing myself and artwork. But I am worried they will stop this SSDI anyway because you never know with bureaucracies.
I had to fill out a daily activity type form and now am waiting to see what they decide or what is next. I am very nervous and you know it really isn’t much money I could make more on minimum wage at 40 hours a week but I can’t deal with that at all.
So very stressed about this.

That is a good question. If you look on the Ticket to Work literature the goal appears to be to go off of disability for working. But I recently saw an old worksheet from 2013 saying that in certain cases if your work depends on your covered medical care you can keep your disability. Of course I don’t know if the government understands our illness well enough to know that the drugs, and our therapies are our lifeline or not. Of course they cut your check in relation to what you make. Although they promise to restore your check they promise to do so in 12 months. Also if you work long enough the check can’t be restored at all without having to reapply (although you may qualify for better disability coverage with enough work credits if they don’t think the fact you worked disqualifies. In other words once you commit to it long enough you have to keep your job or find another one quickly if you lose it because it’s very uncertain they will restore your check in a timely manner or at all.

When I first got SSDI they back paid me to the 1st of April 1976. In the 40 years of being on disability. They had check up on me every once in awhile. But they had never tried to take my disability away.

I would say it’s unlikely, it’s one of those cases where you have two evils pitted against each other, but we benefit from one of the evils in the fight. Disability for schizophrenia would only ever get taken away if the “mental illness is fake” brigade gained significant influence. Big Pharma will never allow that to happen because we are their cash cows. So it’s one of those situations where we can all cheer on Big Pharma for defending our rights to disability for those of us who need it. Like damn yall love money too much but at least you don’t invalidate us. Always with these messy love/hate relationships. :grin:

its not very likely that they will take away the disability from someone with sz or sza. just answer the forms and questions go to the doctor appointments if they order you to.