Does anyone keep a diary?


I bought a little 2016 diary yesterday so I can keep brief notes each day about things like side effects, hallucinations, fears and delusions etc. I thought it might help me remember things I should be talking about with my psychiatrist because I forget so much. I thought maybe I should scale anxiety and restlessness on it.

Do you keep a diary? What sorts of things do you write in it?

No I don’t, but I want to.

I keep a sort of daily list, of the best three things that happened during the day, and another with the best and worst thing that happened in the day. But those are part of my CBT treatment.

I don’t think I have ever done CBT. What is it like?

It’s cool! I only have psychoanalysis to compare to, so basically it’s a good form of therapy lol I talk about what concerns me and my therapist and I try to find ways to cope with it. Now I’m learning how to experience life in a more positive attitude, instead of feeling sorry for myself I find ways to deal in a positive manner, that are good for me in the long run.

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I think I should try it, it sounds really helpful!

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You should, it is! :smile:

I got caught up in what they call hypergraphia… I would journal ALL THE TIME

I had a diary for dreams… one for hallucinations… meds… things that bothered me.

It’s taken me a while… but now I just jot down smaller entries and keep an eye on things that bother me.

Good luck

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I don’t keep a diary, but I’d like to start a blog. I want to do one about living with Sz, how to save money, and other related topics. I need to keep a journal, because I’ve been reeling from this past week.

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I have a blog. I won’t insult you with the link. I know no one has any interest in it. Except for my cyber-stalking ex and maybe some shut-in that lives in my neighborhood. But it’s cathartic, whether I’m amusing myself or prattling on about work or being genuine, it’s a fun release.

You can set them up anonymously so many places. Why be paranoid that people are reading your diary when you can hope they read your blog :slight_smile:

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I used to have a diary but I got paranoid about hackers slipping keyloggers onto my pc and recording all my writing.

I used to write whatever the voices would say with my responses. I also would describe every day activities, like talked to so and so, he said this, wonder what he could possibly mean by that…but mostly it was little retorts to whatever the voices were saying at the moment.

Oddly, once the meds kicked in and the voices went away, I quit writing. Completely…although I still can’t write without the paranoia about how keyloggers are recording my every keystroke.

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I always use a Journal, its a good idea.

I write down my moods, any symptoms I may be experiencing, my meds (dose)
My weight once a week, what i did for the day, etc…

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Thanks everyone for your responses. I think it will help me in my appointments with the psychiatrist because I have such a spotty memory. It helps to track how I am going on the additional medicine too.

It might sound weird but I think it is helping to ‘put’ information somewhere, like anxiety levels and visual and tactile hallucinations. Rather than just have it rattling around my brain.

I hadn’t thought to record my weight in it, but that’s a good idea. I’m on a diet to lose weight but it isn’t shifting easily.


Monday, July 17th, 1980.

Dear Diary: Today I spent all day suffering with schizophrenia.

Tuesday, July 18th, 1980.

Dear Diary: Today I spent all day suffering with schizophrenia.

Wednesday, July 19th, 1980.
Dear Diary: Today I spent all day suffering with schizophrenia.

And so on and so on , for every page and every single day since then until today.

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Ha! I used to have an online journal that I programmed to say “Today no one came and nothing happened” on any day I didn’t have an entry. It was in homage to The Blue Flower, a book I loved.

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Turtle, I don’t keep a diary right now. I should. I mean to keep a record of things that bother me, ill effects, weird happenings. When I see my pdoc, I usually blank and say that I’m fine. This last time I brought a list with me, of things it was easier to read out loud rather than bring up conversationally, and it was the best appointment I’ve had yet.

I really recommend you follow through with it. I should, too.

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thanks @Rhubot I really hope I do keep it up.

I used to keep one, but then some douchebag found it while I was in college and posted it on the net. like I really needed people to know about my GF and I having a miscarriage at age 17…stupid I know to try having kids at that age, but we wanted one and it was more a thing of stupid kids wanting something without thinking of the consequences…wish it had worked though, then I would have a kid to remember her with, at the same time, I wouldn’t want a child to have to go through that and I would have lost them anyway when I had that first break after she died.

But yeah I should prolly take up a new one, or at least a journal or hey maybe a blog!

Yeah I started out using it like private status updates then it turned into short stories, mindfulness techniques, problem solving work book, etc.

I keep one. I put everything in it. Recently, I’ve been writing what I can remember about my childhood. I want to get it all out. But I have to keep my journal with me, in my purse because I have a family member that likes to read it. Then quote it to me so I know they read it, just to cause me distress. It’s a wicked, nasty thing to do to someone. But journaling is something I’ve always done, I will just be more careful from now on where I keep it.


I kept a journal for years, recently I have been writing every day in it, but not always. I find it helps to put my thoughts down, especially when i am not well.

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