Keeping a diary

over the last 2 or 3 weeks I hae been keeping a diary.its great because I put down on paper what I can t tell does help.


I only use my calendars to write important events and I have a large collection of them going back to the late 90’s that serve to remind me of the past. There are so many entries that mark the days and many attempts that I tried to quit drinking and smoking as well.

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I don’t keep a diary, but I’m constantly writing notes for my therapy sessions, and also I sometimes use a word processor to write in a journal that I created, but I don’t do that regularly. Maybe it would be helpful if I did, I don’t know. I’m in the sz habit of having conversations and even arguments with people who aren’t in the room - or who aren’t even alive anymore, so maybe writing daily would take some of that inner pressure away, and alleviate some of those symptoms. On the other hand, I’m afraid, it just might make them worse. Anyway, I thought I’d visit this thread and say hi.

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I have a compulsion with the journaling. It used to be much worse then it is now.

Journals for dreams… episodes… good days… bad days… epiphanies…

I’ve been trying to burn some of my old journals… especially the ones I wrote when I was in hospital. For some reason I can’t let those go… but it makes my upset to read them…

Some of them… I don’t even understand anymore.

For the past few years… it has helped me keep track of problems I’ve wanted to discuss… and let me see what usually triggers me. They can be helpful tools.


I do it all wrong and keep everything med records,diary, moods and journal etc all on the same pages in just the one book. I go through about 3-4 books a year. It’s the only way I seem to be able to do it. It’s generally not too bad until I read back the journal parts. Which can be very out there. As it’s just all the random mental anguish ie rubbish floating in my head. Also why you’re not supposed to read back a journal. I still find the positives outweigh the negatives doing that way though.

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Yes keep a diary and enter what I’m doing day and reminders

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I call it keeping a journal. I never read it back, it’s more of a purge than anything else. Over the years I have encouraged my patients to keep one. Sometimes they bring them into a session and we discuss their contents, especially for those that are not able to talk freely about their feelings, and we use it as a jumping off point.

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I kept my diary years ago, but then I thought that in the diary there was a lot of nonsense written and so I stopped.

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I have been keeping a journal for years, but I don’t write in it as much as before. It used to be like a diary, but is mostly now to vent out negative feelings, which helps a lot.

I also keep a diary of what my household activities were and the lunch or supper I cooked and where me and hubby went out. This is so I can remember things easily when my husband asks what we did that specific day or week and for meal planning.

i tried it but i couldnt keep to it, i tried a blog as well but i have the concentration level of a goldfish,

my friend sweep is religious about it though, she records everything in her little diary and i’ve been trying to get her to write a blog as well,

i just spoke with her and i said i would give her ÂŁ10 a week for writing up a blog for us so we will see how that goes :slight_smile:

yeah I keep one. I’ve been keeping one since I got schizophrenia. For a while I would write it out on paper, but then my family found it and found out I was suicidal all of the time. They also found out I got a prank call from people that somehow listed as my sister’s phone number but claimed to be the government, asking if my family had done anything illegal they then claimed it was a prank at the end and laughed at me. I got a new phone number after that. I then kept a diary on tumblr, and then found out that the usa spies on it’s citizens through the IP address of each computer or something, so now i just keep a journal on my microsoft windows. No one i think would really want to read my journal. It’s really repetitive about my depression, feeling like a failure, and wishing I would die tomorrow just about every day. I have family and a home, but even in the best case scenario where I don’t have to get a job, and my family takes care of me for life, which very well might happen, I rot away hiding in a closet for the rest of my life. I used to be so arrogant and now I’m ashamed to show my face in public. And I spend countless hours planning how to get a job, but I keep changing my mind about which job to aim for. I’m afraid that I’m going to be 50 years old before I get my first job. I may never get a job. I dunno. I keep a diary predominately because I’m pretty sure my family doesn’t want to hear me rant about depression and all that other stuff everyday.

Im gonna write a book eventually. …

My journal turns into an agitated and psychotic stream of consciousness. It is rather disturbing.