How many of you keep a diary / journal

I keep my journal daily. I write what I have done and then I write also my current feelings and whatever comes to my mind. I also write about any significant past events. My journal is me and I am my journal.


I used to have a diary. It was the only thing i could be totally honest about how i was feeling and what had occurred to me. I’ve attempted to re-start writing one, but i’m now so unmotivated that i can’t even do that. I’m glad you’re successful with yours.

I used to keep for years together but I burnt it all as I felt not safe.

I have been keeping my diary now 22 years. I started it when I was in America in February 1999. I have already many journal notebooks. When I started writing it was the time when I started having more voices and delusions. During the years I have written many different types of delusions I have had such as the neutron beam satellite communication system. I wrote this when I was in New Mexico in September 1999. Then I had a delusion in which I went through some type of the ‘self-removal’ in which I received the understanding that my codename was Juan and that I was KGB Vladimir the NSA’s counter-intelligence agent. Now I have learned to recognize different delusions and I write much less about any delusions. I think that the journal keeping is very therapeutic.

My friend suggested that I’d keep a journal about my symptoms

I keep a recovery journal detailing my progress with SZ and alcoholism. Things that are bothering me and that I need to work on. Successes I need to celebrate. This is a several times a week thing now.


I tried to write one but it didn’t bring me any good thing. what positive things do you think that diary brings you ? maybe I should reconsider and write one

i keep a journal about what happens to me and what i do… so if some weird thing pops up i write it in there so i can find it back for when pdoc or somebody else asks about what has happened to me.

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i use an app called pixels to track my mood and emotions. i used to track my food, exercise, and water, but i dont have the energy anymore
i journal in windows notepad and promptly close without saving when im done

I think that writing my journal has helped me because I can write about my feelings, delusions and other matters. I can also write about my life and any experiences that I have done during the day. I think that writing your diary may help you too. I have written already 22 years and keeping my journal has become the important part of my life. I also often write about other people whom I may have met during the day. You should consider writing my diary. It can help you.

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I keep a journal on my computer. It’s very basic and has a password so I feel sort of safe keeping it. It’s healthy for me to write out my feelings and experiences, especially if it’s something I’m not comfortable sharing with others. I’ve kept a journal since I was a kid. Writing is an important thing in my life.

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thank you so much for this advice !

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