Does anyone keep a journal?

i am not sure what category this goes under but since march i have started keeping a journal about my daily going ons and symptoms. my in laws believe all i do is write about them and let my case manager or therapist read them but i don’t do that. i mainly write about my worries and my symptoms. today i heard some whispering and saw shadow people outside the fence when i was outside with my partner’s little sister feeding the rabbits and clean their hutches. i wrote about it and my father in law insisted that i was doing one of my fact finding missions instead of writing about them which is a nice change of pace.


My old therapist recommended that I keep a journal of my symptoms; I find that it’s helpful in the present time and entertaining to go back and read when I’m stable.
It makes me appreciate my stability :slight_smile:

@mjseu also writes a journal…!!!
Good morning man i know u are still sleeping…!!!

I started seeing shadow people too. Now it stays by my side 24/7. I can feel it touch my body. Keep away from them I wish I had. Hope all goes well

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I write when I am upset, but I always end up tearing the entries to pieces and throwing them away. I am scared I will die in my sleep, and my death will be ruled a suicide because my entries sounded crazy or suicidal. Nope- not paranoid here at all.

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I keep my diaries and notebook entries, somehow it is therapeutic, I have been writing already 19 years, when I read some old entries I can see that it has been some chaotic writing, I write down very personal entries, you may say that my notebooks and diaries are my best friend. Sometimes I talk about my diaries at the psych clinic.

I started writing down my thoughts around at the time when I started having auditory hallucinations. I have written down also these hallucinations. Once I wrote down how they communicate to my mind with the global satellite system. Now I know that this was nonsense. I even illustrated how this system operates. Nonsense.

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I thought they were spying on me so I got rid of my journal, now I’m better I keep a Tumblr blog but always at a loss what to put on it, I need to take more pictures

I keep a journal in MS WordPad. I’m not sure why I write, except the compulsive activity makes me feel better. I live alone, thus I can write anything that’s on my mind. Often, when my thoughts are on a productive roll, I’ll copy and paste to someplace online, like here. Then, if what I’ve written is liked, it’s a stroke to my self-esteem. But all in all, any writing is good for wiping the windshield, as they say.

I keep trying to journal, but I’m not structured/consistent enough.

Journal writing helps a lot in recovery. Don’t forget to date the entries. I write journals for the last 20 years on and off. I draw pictures in itas well. Don’t stress when you have days nothing to say. These are creative Breaks.

I write down my symptoms but I don’t use the date they are happening. That’s a mistake.

I try to journal every day but I’m really slacking of late. I think it’s a good thing to do but it’s difficult to maintain with disorganised thinking. Overall I do think it’s a therapeutic tool.

I dont keep a journal. My doc never asks about the symptoms i have had in the past because whats gone is gone. She is only interested in my current condition.

I have a little booklette calendar to write down my upcoming meetings.

I keep a general daily journal.
It helps keep me motivated a bit.

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