Does anyone have delusions of grandeur?

I used to believe I was one of the few chosen ones by god and that everyone was my enemy trying to send me to a hellish place for eternity if they managed to fool me into disbelief. The fact that I believed I was the chosen one has stuck with me since I had a special way of thinking about myself.


i’m “the ballenest yesterdays of all time”. some may describe that as delusion of grandeur, I don’t particularly worry about it.


I have delusions of grandeur. In fact, I have them best and most of all. My delusions of grandeur are better than yours.

To be serious, yes I have them. Despite knowing on some level that the universe is ultimately disinterested in the day to day of people, I can’t help but feel like I matter to everything. I have to convince myself that what I write isn’t going to change the world. I have to convince myself that what I say to people isn’t going to be the most important thing in their lives. I have to convince myself that the universe isn’t sending me messages in the tv.

But despite all that you are actually unique and special. You may not be chosen by God but you are a one of a kind individual who has never and will never exist. You don’t have to save the world to save the world. You do it every time you help someone out or make them laugh.

There is liberation in realizing that the universe will chug along just fine with you taking a breather. But never think, even if you aren’t of singular importance to the cosmos, that you don’t matter.


I think the government took my sperm and turned me into a bum. Then turned me into a joke because they wanted to get info on me.


Delusions of grandeur was the only symptom that really persisted terribly after I got on meds. I mean, first I thought my life was an experiment and my doctor and therapist and government behind it. Then I thought I was the president. Then I thought that I was an alien a robot society. Then I started believing in God… And the rest is history with the Jesus thing. I’m sure if I was Asian I would believe I’m the Buddha or Krishna or someone. But nope :-1:, I’m Jewish, but raised catholic. My name starts with j. So I’m like hell yes I’m Jesus.

I made this song to remember I’m NOT though.


This might not help dial down the delusion of grandeur, but every person is essentially the centre of the universe, according to a modern understanding of physics. The theory is that if you travel far enough in one direction, you’ll eventually end up in the same place, but you can use that notion to feel special too.

Everyone’s living out an epic of potentially infinite duration, and it’s okay to feel like the star of a one man/woman show, because we kind of are that.

My delusion is that I’m going to spread awareness of the main failings of the fiat system on a global scale, with documentaries tailored to each troubled country, and also develop a stable cryptocurrency that offers a chance for a soft landing when the fiat house of cards collapses.


No I think it helps to think that we all are grand…puts it in perspective. I believe we’re all Divine beings. I just wanna get away from YOU when I die. :grimacing:. Not you, but you you and you. Jk.

Only that i was prayed before and asked to be the mother to the second coming of Christ.

i said i wasn’t up to it,

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My sister believes she is the mother of planets, million children and trillion dollars


Does your sister have schizophrenia?

My sister, I and my mom have sz. My mom passed away at 53 from cancer

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I’m very sorry to hear.

She was delusional most of the time. I’ve only had one normal conversation with her. Most of the time she read the Bible and laughed out loud. I love and miss her so much


I had delusions of grandeur up until my full psychotic break. Then they changed to delusions of persecution and reference.


I had similar experience was also chosen.

You can have a read on one of the times it happened

There’s nothing disturbing it was just very very strange.

My first episode god actually took over my body/mind when he chose to , he would call people dummy’s and scream at them for being stupid for not believing it was possible. It was insane. And horrible. I won’t go into detail on that one but it traumatized my whole family especially my mom for a few months


I’m too good to talk to anybody on here.


Sounds like my mother… :frowning:

I have them. But I think that reading up some hillaroius pieces of information on the internet/reddit/etc makes you have them

Gd talks to me. I don’t know if that qualifies as “delusions of grandeur” or not. It might be “ideas of reference” because I get messages from Gd. Or it may all be real and true. In that case I’m not crazy.

I came to a turning point in my life when I was going to get serious about starting a business several years after being diagnosed. I thought, am I being in a delusion of grandeur? My philosophical conclusion was that If I could not benefit from what I was going to do in the future such as financially help myself and a family, then it was probably a bad delusion of grandeur. But if I could do those things as a result of what I was going to do, then it was a good delusion of grandeur.

I became a really, really good contractor doing very dangerous and elite work for a lot of people the metro. Unfortunately I could not be a sale’s person, so that’s really why the business went under after six years. It wasn’t until five years after the last one that I finally figured out what I didn’t know about my brain/mind which was holding me back. Now I’m going to start a youtube channel, and teach people and some other things with people around this topic.

Again though It’s about practical worth. Is what you are doing outside of your mind or in your mind of practical worth? That’s all you have to answer about a “grand delusion” or simply just ambition.

If I was to go try to be a guitar star, well, it’s too late. In order to do that, I would have to learn that language when I was a kid, and continue playing all the way up. It is like speaking Chinese, and always having an American accent. I’m just never going to be able to sell it, but if I knew Chinese from the beginning, then I could sell it. Musicianship, sports, math, science, critical thinking, philosophy etc are no different than languages.

I started philosophizing when I was a kid. I did it rampantly too. I would write also. Later on in life I excelled at that, and counter parts online know me as being good at the thinking of all of the angles deeper than most people, and then being generous with my thoughts.

I know that I have seen kids that couldn’t talk at a young age, and I’ve seen other kids that could have full, dexterous adult conversations with better manners than most adults at the same age. They will be excellent at the socialtiy skills all of their lives; pros. There parents began them very early, and they focused them on these language skills and math skills too. I was never started that way, so I don’t have the skills that they do now as younger adults at their current ages.

When I was an athlete, I would see players that had played as kids, and players that never played as kids. It was like watching two different accents. The ones that learned as kids could play “without an accent,” and the ones that did play young “played with an accent.” The difference was significant enough to pre-determine who was going to sit bench or not.

I hope that helps to figure out the delusions of grandeur. :slight_smile:

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