Grandiose delusions

Does anyone here have grandiose delusions? I have the reacuring religious delusions that I’m Jesus Christ here to save the world. But, I don’t think it’s a delusion. I believe it’s real.

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no i have minor delusions, more that i am and aint worth nothing and such
would be awesome imo too believe something grand

No…but I do know that the super rich are allowed to have delusions of grandeur and proceed to follow through with them, and thus hold 50% of a nations money in their pockets as the result.


I think grandiose delusions are fun. But not worth everything that goes with them.

i think it does not matter as long as you are not hurting anyone.
some people believe they are good pychiatrists , but they are not.
i think if you are not hurting anyone financially, emotionally or physically there is no harm in it.
take care
p.s i did hear of a guy who thought he was jesus and walked out of a second floor window, because he thought he could fly…he coudn’t, the hospital stay was a very long one !


No, i’ve never really had any grandiose ones.

The only time i thought i was jesus they instantly said “see, thats how we do that to people.” It was shocking to say the least to have them tell me that they did it right after doing it to me.

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yep. I even told myself I could do anything and everything I just have to put my mind to it. but it is fun to think that way.


Been there twice. The first was that my voices tried to convince me that i’d invented perpetual motion and their latest one is that I’ve invented free energy and the government ■■■■■■ up my life bcoz of it…yawn…don’t believe that one either. I’ve had religious delusions which was kinda weird bcoz Iddon’t believe in god. I’ve had the immaculate conception though not God’s baby, that I was going to hell and that I was Jesus but in a scientific space/time way not a Christian kind of way. I thought that the bible was written in code by me. Christ! It’s amazing what u can get a person to believe if u hurt them enough.

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Yep,…if you hurt them enough they will think that they’re mentally ill.

And, damn, my Bible Code website seems to be down.1BIBLE CODE INTRODUCTION

Please tell me its not down…

YEAHAaaa. The website is back up again !!

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there cant be two Jesus cause i believed so, but you can save yourself and many for sure, what tortures do you bear?

The tv told me I was The Returning Player, Jesus. At one point I was convinced that I created time travel and everyone on the planet came from a mixture of myself, my black female friend, and my white male and female friends.

I believed Jesus was allowing me to be on a spaceship to deliver the devil to fire lake…I was a “laser” on a CD in the spaceship and that I had to relive a two year time frame over and over until I was returned in the spaceship to Heaven…wrote a book about it…it was hell…I feel sorry for anyone with “Jesus” delusions…they are horrible to deal with.


A Lupe Fiasco Laser?

in a past life I was an Egyptian priestess to Isis. But I dont let anyone else know that, because they already call me scary, weird, freak, and other names.

I didn’t have any particular grandiose delusion, but my voices told me I was special, better than others, because of my sz. Also when I was catholic and a wannabe nun, I had a voice telling me I was a saint

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I figure grandiose delusions are just to cover up a cold blast one is getting from someone, like self medicating.

İ don t have super high grandoise delusions but in my mind i m thinking i have unique understanding to the world and if i focus on math i would find interesting theories. But in fact my mind is very dull and not creative.but i can not get over this delusion completely. Just trying to some mantra thats " i have grandiose delusion" and its helping.

Well, this thread will undoubtedly be locked soon because it’s 5 years old, but I’d just like to say that, yes, my delusions tend to be grandiose in nature, but all delusions are unhealthy and possibly dangerous.

A grandiose delusion can very easily become a paranoid one. First I was the sacrifice, humanity’s savior, and I felt perfectly fine. Then assassins, government agents, Catholics, Satanists, and… ninjas(?)(according to my mom) were after me. Then supernatural creatures were fu cking my mind up, and I was God at some point.

I couldn’t function. Like, at all. If I didn’t have my mom, I would probably be in some state hospital with no high school diploma or any hope for a future. Picking and choosing which delusions are insignificant is not only wrong, but dangerous.