Delusions of grandeur

What was your delusions of grandeur? Have you ever had more than one? Did you ever act on it?

Meher Baba tells me I am the greatest Buddha,
or Schizobuddha. Lol.
Jesus says that I’m in kingdom of heaven already.

I feel i am the superstar of a Truman show.

I feel i am the only real being in the universe.

First I believed in the Truman delusion. My life was an experiment. Aliens, god. Etc. then I believed I was the chosen one. Then Jesus. Then the devil.

I’ve believed I was destined to be famous, change the world.

I’ve believed in other things but those are the main ones.

These thoughts still linger but overall I don’t believe them

However it’s still a bother even if I don’t believe at all. Is more like ocd to have delusions now. Than schizophrenic

For awhile I believed I was a prophet. Or a combination of the prophets.

I used to think I was a prophet and that I was going to be as famous of a rapper as Eminem.


I’ve had delusions, where I thought I was a demon, and vice versa, an angel.

Speaking different languages, performing levitation and Messiah like abilities as an angel.

It’s like a role in one of Shakespeare’s plays.

Really freaky part, is you think you are in control and can perform miracles or “curses”.
Fact being, you are not in control. The role takes over your mind and body.

You never think “Hey. I’m just a regular person”.

That thought barely enters your mind, calling into question your behavior and actions, under influence of the delusion.


Hmmm, that I built a time machine, invented bitcoin, created, assisted, or helped develop the matrix or computer program we are living in and ran some of it. Not real though. All in other past lives or different realities though. No proof, intelligence, money, evidence, or increased happiness or lifestyle choices. I’m in hell.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. I saw attempts at np=p which is probably real/true but unsolvablel; seen the Riemann Hypothesis, and designed a spacecraft rofl. All in other realities though. Probably aliens giving me dreams or psychosis or something and making me feel like a crazy and schizo.

Sometimes, I felt the aliens helped me but not really. It’s just insanity.

I thought I was Jesus that can do miracles. I thought I could cure all diseases including cancer, hiv, mental disability, etc

I thought I had the best genes on earth, God’s genes. Turn out after I was put on meds that I have shitty sz genes :rofl:


Does fake immortality count?


I thought I was immortal bcz I am God. So I tried to kill myself twice to prove it, ended up in the emergency twice with some damage.

Things that could be easily explained if I could see the whole picture at the time, or if someone slowed down and explained it…all sorts of conspiracies and stuff.

Having this illness is also sort of like a deprived sort of mental synesthesia.

I sometimes miss those days I used to think I was a regular or average person before I had the sz delusions.


the worst is I am special yet somehow I will begin to fear the people who I love/love me the most. the most loyal to me. thats what hurts most about this illness, is hurting the people you love the most when you dont want to and its not you whose doing it like in an episode but over time my episodes are less and less, and the medication is effective.

Ya, super hero delusion here. That I’ve seen the changes in quantum experiments on the physics news websites like the positions changing and then storing that in my memory…proof of many world’s theory of quantum mechanics.

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I had delusions of grandeur for years after my criminal doctor placed me on a powerful AD.

I thought that I was a god, son to Rah the Sun god.

I had “special powers”

Abilify brought me down to earth.


I’m very closed minded. I think I’m special and can’t see the specialness in everyone sometimes.

It is not good because then I can’t always relate to people


I thought I was thousands of different people or fictional characters including some stupid ones as batman, spider man, and super man and even some villians like Serac and Lex Luthor rofl. I could go on but I think you guys get the point of my madness.

I chose wonder-woman and trina lol as my alter-ego super-hero characters.

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