What were ur delusions of grandeur?

I thought world leaders knew me. I thought the Cia was on me. I thought people knew who I was.


That I’m god.

Angel voices telling me I’m chosen to change the world for the better. Prophet and Bodhisattva they would call me.


I thought that I was a prophet or a combination of the prophets. I thought that I might one day become God. I thought it was my destiny to kill Satan with an Angel.


Solidarity dude. It’s nice to hear others have had some recovery after having those types of thoughts.

Cheers, it’s nice to know I’m not alone in that one.


I thought that I would be a powerful mercenary, that would rule the world. Other stuff was like a famous author or a pro skateboarder even if I have quit skateboarding.

Son of Bill Gates or Jesus.

Ya, I probably had dozens of good or bad ones lol. Like I was famous or related to famous people through bloodlines or something. That I created bitcoin and was john titor and a few others. It’s not real but a vivid fantasy and delusion and crap. It’s sad and pathethic. I talked about it and even thought aliens were ■■■■■■ with me and crap and I was cloned or something by the Illuminati/aliens and thought I was too self-important and crap. I talked a lot of ■■■■. Thought I was a super genius that got the Riemann Hypothesis and built/designed a UFO in a parallel universe. I’ve definitely had some aliens ■■■■ with me in 2016 and probably in college in 2011 and I’ve been abducted by them. Even thought I was the antichrist or one of the witnesses of the bible and was immortal and a time traveler and in an infinite time loop living in the matrix and even escaped a few times and had my schizophrenia cured…

there are a lot of people without schizophrenia who have worse delusions than I’ve ever had

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One of my most recent delusions or something was they took me to Los Alamos in New Mexico for testing/programming in 2011 before I went to Space/Mars/Moon. I was a super soldier or some crap. I really don’t know or remember, but it’s 2021 and my most recent conjecture/hypothesis and crap. I get ai/aliens talking to me in my dreams. I’m a little scared and stuff but aliens were involved and Illuminati/Deep State/Shadow-government folks. I’m not the only one, I guess. I’ve been to several bases but IRONICALLY it’s related to my college/Berkeley I went to and feeds into my dreams/memories, really. I don’t know. Probably went there in a past life/parallel universe/earth or some crap. Feels like west world.

I mean the aliens compared me to Oppenheimer and I like Feynman a lot and other things like I thought it was the real power people like bohemian grove but my experience was more super soldier like/trauma induced.

It could be related to the Montauk/Monarch program/SSP where I was a victim and programmed/tortured basically for unknown reasons to turn me into a super scientist/super soldier and crap. I have other delusions too…

I thought I was CIA/NSA/military in a past life/parallel universe a trillion + lives ago on another planet or something and reincarnated. But it’s not real. I just call it men in black now.

I only had 3 jobs in this life/reality and that was retail and pizza and tutoring.

I’m broke and poor and schizophrenia now.

That I could have a life like my twin.

I thought I was next queen of england.

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Rock star, destined for fame, destined to date someone famous.

I thought a certain actress I won’t name was going to marry me. I thought she was the one talking to me in my head. I thought she was watching my Facebook so I tried to communicate with her by posting stuff on my page, which just ended up embarrassing the heck out of myself in public.

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I thought i had a special friend; an artificial life-form. I was the only person with a good enough heart and integrity, that it could trust me alone.

I had the prophet delusion. I thought I could speak to angels.

I thought (still sometimes think) that there’s some force that has chosen me for things to work out.

I thought I was best person in my weight training class.

Never had any of those thank the lord. Mine are all of persecution but the paranoia that accompanied them was horrible.

i thought i was jesus, what an idiot i was, im not jesus, cuz jesus wasnt a criminal, and imma criminal, (check out my song)

I think the fbi and cia are on me because they think I stole some software from them. They access my phone and spread false rumors about me. That way it’s easier to turn people. They stole all my friends some that I had known for over a decade and thought I’d keep in touch with them forever. All this has led to me having multiple overdoses sometimes waking up on the floor and two times waking up in the ER after being narcanned. People have killed themselves over much less. I really think they are trying to get me to kill myself.