Does anyone get visions

Of places. Mine were of torture places in the real world. Still don’t know if that was because I was a terrorist. Then I got visions of hell. Not sure if those were real. I never questioned the reality of these places until I got put on meds.

I just ignore them. The delusional thinking for me is always there, I just choose not to pay attention to it.

If I am on auto-pilot driving or working, sometimes I dwell on these thoughts, but I can reign it in these days without too much of an issue.

Before when I was on other medication, it was harder to do this, but Amisulpride seems to do the trick

Maybe you’re needing an adjustment in your medication.

I don’t get the visions anymore. Just wanted to see if anybody else had them.

My dreams always become reality, and I have been doing this now for long enough to know it’s not just something to be put down to mental illness.

Life for me is like a recording on loop

I used to have visions, but here lately I’ve been getting a little better, I think that’s pretty cool, but I think they’ll just go away with time :blush:

I’ve never had full on visions but for a little while a couple years ago I would constantly get flashes of images in my vision. It freaked me out trying to figure out what the random images meant. It still happens sometimes but rarely, but thankfully I don’t freak out over them now. Sorry to hear about what happened to you. I’m glad your meds took care of them.

But I didn’t forget about them and still feel like they were real. I don’t know how to conduct my life because of them.

I occasionally get visions about what’s to happen in the future. They’re pretty accurate.

i wrote down my visions in sequence in my book “out of it” on amazon if you are interested…I am vision free now that I am on AP’s.

Yeah I’ve gotten lots and lots of visions

I tried to find the book but couldn’t?

Did any of yours have visions of where they torture terrorists?

Umm I’ve seen people tortured, family members and stuff.
Seen the earths core which was all fire and lava which maybe you could call hell.

I’ve seen ships in big storms

I’ve seen lots of space battles , navigated asteroid fieldsand investigated planets (one of my most common ones still)

Religious themed ones like a lion roaring on top of a giant rainbow then jumping into it and sliding down to fight 2 giant red snakes that popped up, then jesus spinning through the air at light speed. And other random ones.
A ‘demon’ controlling me with joysticks.

I used to get clips of video games repeatedly playing over and over like sonic drowning then becoming super sonic . For months.

So my visions bordered more on the religious and mystical opposed to persecution based like a terrorist.

in the search window on amazon put in “out of it” and the rest of the title behind it reads “an autobiography on the experience of schizophrenia”…click on that and it will take you to the book…should…

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I saw Jesus flying in mental hospital.

Very intense visions, 99% of the time nowadays is what they are. Used to be tactile combined with visual.

I meant more visions that are experienced internally? Does anyone get internal visions? Like they are experienced in your head not in your environment.

yeah thats what i just listed was the internal type visions. there called closed eye hallucinations. , its weird cuz I can still seem them with my eyes open if that makes sense. like in the minds eye it will be playing, and if i closed my eyes again its right back to continuing what it was doing.

here according to this wiki article its labelled in levels.

mine were what I guess would generally be a level 4 and 5. , without doing drugs or anything of course, just the psychosis was like that.
id say im pretty much 99% of the time at level 3 or 2. mind is almost never blank.
when my mind becomes blank and quiet it can be unnerving and at times uncomfortable actually cuz im so used to it.

its kinda like when your voices go away for a while and your wondering why its so quiet and checking to see if its really gone.

Yeah, I get those too. I get them while awake if I’m stressed to the point where even if I close my eyes, I am still seeing them. The only thing to do then is just sleep it off.

What do you mean? Its internal, not real. Its in the brain.