Visions are getting bigger

Today, when I closed my eyes I so a road and cars. It was a completely different place. Wow. It was like I went somewhere else. I never had that happen before. It was 3d baby. I wonder if I’m joining another dimension.

Anybody know what I mean

I used to get visions all of the time. I would get them with my eyes open. I was transported to another reality. I would often get ones where I was in prison. That’s when I was going to court for an assault charge against an officer from when I was psychotic and prison was my biggest fear. I would also get them when I was driving which was scary because when I came back it would take me a minute to adjust to this reality. My doctor said they were visual hallucinations and the ECT treatments made them go away. Good luck.

Thank you so much for talking to me. Have a wonderful day.

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I hope it doesn’t become a regular thing for you. When I was a teenager I would have visions of hell and see some pretty scary things. It’s amazing what our minds can do.

That is my first ever that I recall. Usually real people are following me around and insulting me and the insults are suppose to be in my head. I’m learning to deal with that. The 3d thing is wild. I wonder if my schizo experiences are changing.

my whole thing started with mental visions of a supposed other life…complete bollocks but i saw what i saw anyway. i get triggered visions always inside my mind of worst case and best case scenarios and some middle ground. some r nice but mostly they r nasty and none of them have come true yet not in the 13 years i’ve been seeing them so i’ve learnt to not trust in them at all. ud b wise not to believe in them either. hope this helps xxx

I had intellectual visions–it wasn’t anything physical, it was more of sensing a presence, and hearing words from that presence, like a ghost or something.

yes i have been in town or home and the whole room changed or the whole street , to an alien enviroment in another universe or to some french looking chateaux again with blue people who are kinda see through !!
good day…
take care
p.s i should add that it does not bother me, i see hell below my feet , so the alien stuff is prettty tame in comparison but interesting.

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I do that - when I close my eyes sometimes. It’s part of my normal thinking process.

Sometimes when trying to fall asleep i see flashes of things, mostly faces made of light grinning at me.

But during what they are calling psychosis i had an enormous one, i woke up on my bed and there was alot of wind and flashes of light in the room, and then there were these moaning snarling things behind me and i started to levitate toward them, for some reason i levitated back to my bed and there was a card floating in front of me, an ace, it cycled through the aces and ended on the ace of spades.

And then i woke up, but this was no dream, this was like being absolutely awake, like on the movie monkeybone where brendan frasier has his experiences in an altered state, and my little buddy ■■■■■■■ pan was in that one as well.

So, after a bit of torment i was run out of my home and ended up across country where i actually saw pan, the little half goat ■■■■■■■ just appeared right in front of me.

Does the name Walter Bishop ring a William Bell.

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I’ve had that but with eyes open. I was sitting by the computer and suddenly I was on the beach looking at the waves from the sea. It happened more often before my meds did what they are supposed to do.

When I’m sliding into psychosis I start to leave this time and dimension. I start hearing air raid sirens, I start feeling like it’s 1944 all over again. I’m 29 so I wasn’t alive then, but it’s in my head from somewhere.

I’ve been floating out of my body more often lately. I really don’t like that feeling. I hold my sisters hand tighter and sometime it works at keeping me in my body, but some times it doesn’t.

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I want to follow the places also. I wish I could physically put myself in them

I love fringe. Lol, I watch Netflix constantly.

What meds? I’m on Gordon, started it almost a month ago, but it’s not working.

@carlamwilkinson i had flupentixol. Was great but made me a zombie.

How’s weight gain on it?

I had no weight gain. But if you live in US you can’t have it. As far as I know it’s not approved in US.

I used to have visions. I have seen politicians, aliens, half goats, spirits, demons, Christ, a million different people, spy satellites, police, and cars. When the voice showed me a vision of my hot rod car once, it didn’t look right or believable. Then I thought to myself that the visions are false images and time to stop giving the voice my undivided attention because it is trying to deceive me with these images in order to keep me delusional. I now report that I don’t have any more visions for years now, and I never wanted them, I assume you can do without the visions also, even if it is a vision of grandeur, because it will at least distract you.