Visual hallucinations-what are yours like?

I’m curious. Mine tend to either be mild and trippy or scary. The trippy ones can be things like walls looking like they’re melting, or objects swelling like they’re breathing or the floor is swirling or moving like waves. Or I see colorful floating lights or orbs. The scary ones can be seeing things out of the corner of my eye, like a person when really there’s no one there or it looks like a figure darted out of my vision. I also get this thing I call “visual distortions” because it makes regular objects look strange and scary. It happens when I’m paranoid. Once a stack of paper towels looked like a naked pale child hunched over. Another time a laundry basket looked like some freaky goblin thing out of the corner of my eye. I have many experiences like that.

I also see faces in things when my psychosis is active. I know everyone experiences that to some extent but if I’m paranoid they’ll be very disturbing faces, some even demonic. I haven’t seen those in a long while now, thankfully. I also experienced VIVID closed-eye hallucinations. Anyways what are other people’s experiences?


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I’m free from them right now, on meds, haven’t had one in a long time.

But I used to see black shadows hanging around people, terrified me, I had panic attacks sometimes because of them, eventually thought they were trying to kill me, almost commited suicide after seeing them, a bunch of terrifying stuff.

Good riddance, hope they never come back

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Like that yep yep. I also get things turning into other things. Like a shoe lace will be a cobra, and I will run from it. It will be moving. Other times, there will be rando people in my house. Like there will be this woman in black clothes everywhere. Trippy stuff XD. I will occasionally eat food and find…it is no longer food…

ALso uggh. Blood. I will end up seeing it randomly everywhere. Dead things. People will look like they aren’t alive. Faces get twisted. Demons…it is scary

I regularly see the colorful lights around people but no shadows, thankfully! That does sound awful. I’m glad you don’t experience it anymore.

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Oh yeah, and in my prodromal phase I used to see things twirl, like stripes twirling, and thought I was living in a 2D simulation, everything looked 2D it was weird as hell, but went away.

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Yes with the moving! That paper towel girl turned to look at me and it was so creepy. Once when I was younger I saw the shadow of a hand creeping across the headboard of my bed. I ducked under the covers so quick and my brother who was hanging out with me was like “wha?” Ha.

When I was REALLY little, like 6 and under, I would get crazy intense hallucinations. I’d see paintings moving and hear them talking. I heard voices and music. Thankfully I don’t get auditory hallucinations anymore, and if I do it is incredibly mild and only when I’m highly paranoid. (I’ve heard slithering sounds and soft unintelligible whispering when it was silent)

That’s so weird because sometimes I would see 2D things look 3D. Once shadows looked 3D. I don’t even know how to explain that. Weird stuff. Sometimes I’d just lie in bed and “trip” for hours.

Can relate. On my psychotic break I saw a bunch of light sea animals dancing in my room as I was laying in bed.

Everything you mentioned happens to me exactly as you described Anna… That’s crazy cus I never heard someone relate with what I see visually.


I get a weird mix of audio and visual. It was so embarrassing. I walked into a therapists office and saw a twisting coat hanger. It began to communicate. I was just having conversation with a coat hanger asking it how things worked. It was alive.

My therapist was like :confused: …“Uhh SHarp, are we gonna start”

Sooo awful

Amen for meds!

I get full scenes sometimes often horrible…yesterday i watched a demon eat puppies whole then throw up their bones…the bones turned into baby demons…so thats how they reproduce…

The worst I ever get is that I see souls in things, everything is looking at me, it’s very hard to describe. It’s like I see it with my “third eye” but of course that’s still gibberish in a clinical setting.

I have induced visions.

A grey alien, shadow person, a ghost, pan, a large tree sized serpent made of light, part animal part human stuff, a being made of light standing in a doorway in a tree, a ufo flew over head really close to the ground, orbs, strange lights in the sky as if controlled.

And then once this shitty witch recited a poem into my eyes and he induced a visual. The lights slowly darkened and his appearance changed into a creepily grinning dude missing hair and teeth. And then he stopped speaking and everything went back to normal.

Im just another murder victim i guess.

I see scenes sometimes, but only when my eyes are closed. Really weird things, like once I saw an old man who looked like he was preaching to a huge crowd, or once I saw a cafe, another time a forest, another time my bedroom only this bizarre creature with numerous legs that looked like a dog and a moose was in there. A really creepy one was where I saw a demon sitting on a throne and he was very well dressed in a suit and human-looking from the neck down but his head flashed between numerous beasts…lion, crocodile, etc. Insects were crawling all over him. I asked him telepathically “Why me?” As in why I was being tormented by demons and why was he letting me see him and he responded “Why not?” You just don’t forget things like that.

Yes, i get the closed eye thing to.

Usually they’ll hit me with numerous creepy grinning faces made of light. But last time i couldn’t get meds it was an onslaught of all of this crap that i don’t like, and then of course there was the demonic god made of light staring at me in the reflection of my glass door.

When you see a shaman with his eyes closed he is consulting with them and they show him things in his mind. Back in the day they would for instance show him in visions made of light in his brain which way the food was and how they could find it.

This also happens to be the way that jackass of a prophet saw that the earth was a circle. So he was hallucinating, induced by them of course, in his mind that the earth was a circle. Im just talking about the fact that these things happen and not that i believe in the dreaded book.

My most pervasive hallucinations could be described as seeing movement and change in the muscles, skin and general contours of humans (mostly myself and my direct family, who allow me to massage them [as it does help!]) and animals after I touch them (when under the delusion that I can “heal”). The hallucinations range from so subtle that I find myself blinking to try and gain focus to thinking my skinny whippet is the size of a grizzly bear. I have “seen” myself as uncircumcised (impossible of course), as having grown 4" in height and as having had my armspan extend by a foot.

I have had conversations with myself where the other voice was my own, but thought to be Jesus or God or whatever. I have also had the image of Jesus’s head surrounded by light engulf my vision on a few occasions - though none of my personified hallucinations were able to be interacted with. The list goes on - I’m not feeling very verbally affluent right now. In fact I’d rate myself as rapidly approaching catatonia … I’m not getting much sleep at the moment.

Mine have been pretty similar to yours. Much less now though

Mostly shadowy people, sometimes actual ghost like things.
This morning it was two black eyeballs with white pupils.
The visual stuff really doesnt bother me–I look at it sort of detached and curious.
auditory is hateful when verbal and annoying when I think its the phone going off but it isn’t actually and i check it over and over because I think I hear it.

That’s accurate to how I experience most of my hallucinations as well, detached and curious. Today I saw a picture on my roommate’s wall of an iguana in water move. I saw its legs sway in the water. It was almost mesmerizing.