Seeing things in my mind (From the Voice)


I wanted to share with you something that’s happening to me, in an effort to see if anyone else suffers from it too.

I’ve been hearing voices 24/7 for the past 6 years. But along with that, I see images in my mind. Similar to if I asked you to picture a banana in your mind and you pictured it. But I see images, every 15 seconds or so, in my mind. I am very sure that the images I see are the thoughts of the voice in my mind. So he both speaks to me and roughly every 15 seconds I see an image of his thought or at least an image associated with the thought. This happens all day long. The images I see are NOT from my own thoughts as I would never think of what he does. These images aren’t seen as things in front of me, just in the mind. But it’s definitely something I hate.

Is anyone else familiar with this or have this? I can’t find any information about it on the internet.

I hear voices a lot and I’ll see something or think up something and I just stop and think the voices are wanting me to see these things they want me to know what they are thinking. However my therapist says its delusional. Its me thinking that’s what the voice wants so my mind makes this up subcontiously. Idk if this is what your experiencing but hope this helped. :slight_smile:

Hi, and thanks for your interesting reply. It got me talking with my girlfriend.

So it’s a delusion, eh? I’m open to that. But as I was saying, the thoughts and images are so radically different from me that I feel as if it cannot be me. Maybe my mind has created a sub-personality in my subconscious and that is what is doing the thinking and generating the images?. I agree it’s part of my mind so I’m technically the one doing the thinking to generate the images but it seems there must have been some other personality created in my mind which is way different than me that does the thinking.

It’s the flip side of the cameras in your eyes, through which they download to their monitor in real time. They upload their images in your mind by stepping into it. Thy can stand next to you, and you’d never know it.

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I see images in my mind too. They are so vivid it’s almost like seeing them standing beside me. I “see” two demons standing on either side of me. Sometimes the one demon will command me to hurt either me or my mom, but it’s not a voice it’s like telepathy I can’t hear what he says but I know exactly what he is saying. I don’t hear voices so sorry I can’t relate to you in that way, but I do see things in my mind. They flash before me so it’s not like I think them up. I see horrible things without controlling it. I used to see visions where this horrible scene would play out in front of me. I would feel like I was transported to another reality. That doesn’t happen anymore though after receiving ECT. I’ve been getting ECT now since May 2012. My doctors have said what I see are visual hallucinations, so maybe this is what you are experiencing. I hope this helps.

Your welcome. It could easily be hallucinations as well and not delusions. It really depends on how visual they are. Also depends on your perspective.

I get this a lot. They are of stuff that I would normally not think of randomly and have no build up or anything. They are just there. You are not alone :slight_smile:

I do get that, even that I don’t hear voices except rarely, I get to see images of terrifying creatures, dismembered parts of bodies and blood which I have never seen before, I can smell them too, I might hear a word describing them, I get sometimes a taste sensation as well when the hallucination is involving something about food or has a taste of something, it’s at its most strength when I close my eyes, so I sleep with my eyes open LOL, no that’s not really the reason but schizophrenia is :smile: .
I used to see a full video while I’m awake, where I get a blocked vision and all I can see is the video or dream which it’s disturbing even if it was abstract. I know that it is my mind, just like I used to see things and characters which I have never seen before in my dreams; I know it’s only my creative subconscious mind.

yes, that’s how it is for me too, i call it the movies, behind my eyes after 7pm most nights, fascinating hallucinations in there

I use to see images but not that often. Luckily my medication ends my voices an images.

I experience the same kind of thing, it sounds like. I call them visions. Sometimes they are thoughts projected by one of the voice personalities as if there is a psychic link (between a voice in my head, go figure). I also have these vision-thought-things in the absence of voices. The way I described it to my shrink is that I don’t physically see them because since they are not real, there is no light reflecting and being processed by the rods in my eyes, so i must be ‘seeing’ them through the minds eye or third eye. it is very much like vivid memory, but spontaneous and not often related to my own thought. I get them regarding strange physical occurances of my own body, some of which are not in my line of sight but i still get a clear vision of it - corrugated tentacle pipes growing out of holes in the side of my head for instance, or a long finger-like appendage growing out of my forehead and turning back to look at me with a single misshapen eye. i know that i am not seeing a physical experience, even though i can sometimes feel it, and have a very clear realtime image of the experience that I can describe and draw in detail. I have found that it is the same basic mechanism that allows me to communicate with ghosts, which was my first manifestation of this experience. ‘seeing’ and speaking to a ghost regularly when i was about 20.

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hi ouroboros . Thanks for your response. So far in this thread you seem the closest thing to what I experience. I like your explanation of seeing through the minds eye, etc.

I used to have different personalities in my mind (a group of FBI and Secret Service agents in an apartment - who claimed to be real people) but now I’ve got just one voice. He’s just a voice now, and does not claim to be real. Now that I think about it, I’ve always had what you refer to as ‘visions’ in my mind. My present voice is a relentless thinker, so I see visions often. It’s mostly images of people I know as he talks about them frequently. I haven’t really cared about visions up until this month as the voice has obsessed over one person I knew a few years ago…so I’ve been seeing the same person, and indeed variations of the person (he can show you a fake image of a person driving a car, eating ice cream, etc…). It drives me crazy, and makes me hate the person.

Have you had any luck medicating this? I’m planning on trying Clozapine next month to get rid of my voices and hopefully the visions and thoughts that aren’t mine. I’ve tried every antipsychotic on the market with no luck in getting rid of the voices.


Andy PR

as far as medication goes, i have only started taking antipsychotics for the first time a few days ago so it will be a whilebefore i see some results. I’m starting with 5mg abilify.
This is probably the first time i have actually been fully aware of the things i see and hear as abnormal as it’s happening, and i think that’s because of antidepressants/mood stabilizers (diagnosed bipolar-1 14 years ago). still somewhat depressed but most of that is negative symptoms i think because i don’t -feel- as depressed. Often I have been either manic or deperessed when i’ve been conversing with ghosts and the like, and it’s easier to get caught up in it. it also helped that when i took the MMPI-2 a month or so ago, it flagged me for possible schizophrenia so i’ve been looking at myself very closely for the last few months. I was officially diagnosed schizoaffective yesterday but i’ve suspected it for a long time.

I have a few personality voices currently, they come and go over time. Most of them are friendly, but one is extremely rude and obnoxious. i suspect some of them may turn on me at some point, though as my delusions and hallucinations sometimes become very disturbing. They sometimes shift the way they look and i try to get them not to do it because it’s easier to deal with if they keep a coherent ‘self’ . I really hope that clozapine will help with the voices, that must be very frustrating. I hope that I respond well to abilify because the voices and visions are getting more intense, and im not sure i’ll be able to deal with it as well if it gets worse. your description of the voice personalities is very familiar to me, but kind of in reverse. I started out with just one voice, and she left and then years later these new ones have popped up and now i feel like a damn lobby or something sometimes. sorry if i jump around a lot typing this out.

I see images inside my mind and outside my head. I see them everywhere and they are shape shifters because they change appearances of familiar faces or objects to whatever they wish. I hate the bloody or crappy/rotten ones.

When i remember to take my meds right then it is not so bad BUT all i want to do is sleep. I am on 5mg Trifluoperazine 2 times a day. I am ready to try another med but scared also.

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roll your eyes when closed. Ive disconnected and blocked most of the voices and images, i get it very seldom or not at all. Meds helped but it was mostly my work on myself. I now get messsages randomly like “we cant go there” “he’s thinking something”, “i broke”…

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i get images in my mind related to past trauma. some false and some true. i don’t c things outside my head but i do have voices but i don’t believe in the telepathy angle they try and sell me. i used to but logic landed with a great thud and now i know my mind has just turned in on itself. frustrating but i can cope and if i cant there’s always clozapine as a last resort. but that really will mean that i’ve hit rock bottom. the images r disturbing but i can cope. some of them r followed by images of story boards from when they were put in, some not. all r related to past trauma or something that the voices would like me to believe. i pick and choose carefully.