Does anyone get visions

Visual hallucinations are in the brain and don’t disappear even if you close your eyes…

like imagine a movie is playing, not a real movie but a made up one, but the movie is playing in your mind and it just goes on and on doing what it wants.

But thats the same as visual hallucination. They stay even with closed eyes. I still saw Jesus when I closed my eyes.

i think she is just referring to hallucinations where your not seeing like an actual person/object or something in front of you and you cant tell if its real or not.

Yeah that’s what I meant.

Oh you mean delusions. I had delusions and hallucinations at the same time. I was so convinced that I was Jesus that I tried to kill myself twice to verify it. How more real can it get? Delusions are much worse than hallucinatiins in my opinion. They’re dangerous in my case.

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No I meant closed eye type hallucinations. Where it’s a like movie that doesn’t stop.

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I said that earlier…

Sorry. That’s what I meant.

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delusions seemed to be the catalyst for hallucinations for me. the delusion was the seed

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For me it’s the opposite. I see the visions and hear a voice and then develop what could be a delusion but I think it’s real. Based off what I see and hear. I didn’t think it was fake or unreal until recently I considered that it come to be real.

With the terrorist thing, I heard a voice that said something that I would be tortured. I would get visions of the place or places I would be tortured. Like I saw people with black bags over their head being put on a conveyor belt as they were taken to be tortured. I did do some scary writing saying I was an angel and would “be there” at my college and I did come there and walked around. I never thought it could be terrorist writing until now that I considered it. I didn’t send it to anyone though. But I thought my computer was hacked. I also would take pictures of me looking freaked out and took a bracelet and bound it around my toe and put like staples or something in it. I would take pictures of that. I would take pictures of religious books. I don’t know if any of this is terrorist related. But I also had voices like “123” like I thought it could be ISIS. Weird stuff when I was going to work like I thought some of teen customers were teens working for ISIS and then I heard a voice saying “we have kids that work for us too.” There was a lot of this stuff. Once I heard them wanting to interview me in my head.

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how did you come to be a terrorist? what did you see or hear first that made you think that

you dont have to answer if you dont want to. just my curiosity

Its hard to tell which is right, hallucinations causing delusions or delusions causing hallucinations. I think both happen at the same time like a loop that reinforce each other.

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I answered but it’s above. Not sure if you got the reply.

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thanks for sharing.
hmmm maybe you can challenge the idea of what the voices said about being tortured. Like pretend that its meaningless and try not to entertain the idea.
much easier said than done I know.
voices kinda play on our fears and thoughts.

I’m not scared of them taking me as a terrorist now, I’m thinking they want to take me to North Korea in 10 years to turn me into the dictator. I was scared of hell too but am sort of getting over that one. I also feel like I was really a spy and I’m being set up because my family is in court over guardianship things. My ex also was working for a man who was an operative who killed himself 3 years ago. This freaks me out.

Sorry I replied to your answer but it didn’t show as a direct reply.

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your kind of in deep. So coming to terms with the fact that these ideas came from a voice that said you were going to be tortured would be hard to accept

Well some parts like the man my ex worked for was real. It was in the news. Is that what you mean I’m in deep?

No I don’t get visions I hear street noise that my brain forms into speech that tricks my brain into thinking someone is talking to me. I’m glad I don’t see stuff