Doctors vs. therapist

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I am so sorry you had to go through that as well. Did your therapist hear you? Will she advocate to your doctor for you? I remember that you and I have said many times that it seems like we have to be really gone for a doctor to take us seriously, or at least really understand that we’re not doing that well. I really hope your doc gets the message soon. I’m sad too see you having to go through this stress needlessly,with the meds not kicking in.

She knows what happened, and she’s been advocating as much as possible. The problem, I think, is that my doctor doesn’t really think much of my therapist’s opinions, I get the impression he’s somewhat conceited.

All I know is that I need to do something to stop all the noise in my head, hearing the same music loop over and over and over again is maddening, and it’s so hard to think straight, but I still force myself to. Cotton and wasps, as I’ve said before- the muffled buzzing, soft and deceptive, with that danger and fear lurking underneath. I can feel them crawling around in there, threatening to sting, hidden among the soft white fuzz. I want them out.

It makes me so frustrated that doctors are like this. I know they aren’t all like this, but I’ve met more like this then not. Looking for another one is just hard to do sometimes. I hope you get them out of your head soon as well.

how did u get case management. ive been trying to get that

I don’t have case management yet, my therapist wants to try to set me up with it. I don’t really understand what they’ll do for me, but apparently they can help somehow? I don’t know.

did she say why u needed it

I guess to connect me with resources, or something. Honestly, all of this stuff just confuses me, and I can’t figure it out.

i read one criteria for case management and they help the homeless or who need disability/food stamps or help mentally ill that were jailed.

are u on disability rowan? im jw

No, I’m not on any sort of public assistance. I don’t have insurance, either, though that’s changing in January, I’m going on a decent Aetna plan. Paid for out of my savings, unfortunately, because I don’t qualify for medicaid or anything because of my resources (which are still considered for eligibility in my state). It might be beneficial for me to go on disability, so I have some sort of income to help out my dad with bills, I’m living with him and I feel bad that I can’t contribute.

what is your state count as resources? i always hear its pretty hard to get in disability. im on disability. never needed a lawyer - got it in 2 months but good luck - i hear people take years and need a judge. do u work???

Pretty much anything, I have stocks left for me by my grandfather, but my dad actually has control of them because of some custody thing. I pay taxes on them, though, so they’re mine, and make me ineligible for PA.

I don’t work, any amount of stress will exacerbate my symptoms to the point of a complete break with reality, when I came back to work in September after being laid off for the summer, I worked one and a half days and almost killed myself on the second day, I thought all my co-workers were talking about me and I heard voices telling me to take the chef’s knife and kill myself. So I had to quit. I do some work for myself, I’ve been making costumes for over a decade and it’s something I can do without getting too stressed, as long as I don’t have a tight deadline. But it’s nowhere near enough for me to support myself on.

i wish u luck gettingg what u need. with any work history its hard to get disability . and stocks. i am under the disabled before 22 rule they have. u in the usa right?

Yes, I’m in the USA. I’m 29, and while I’ve been having symptoms since before I was 22, I wasn’t aware of them and didn’t get treatment. Now I am diagnosed with SZ, but I don’t know what my options are. I guess the case management service would help with that.