New Doctor

So I met with my new doctor yesterday. I think I like him, he was different than the others. He listened to me, wanted to listen to me, asked the right questions. When I told him about my false memories he asked “Is there a story line?” Yes! And he actually wanted to hear about them. So many other psychiatrists are interested only in talking meds…how can they possibly know what’s going on with us if all they care to talk about is meds???

I have a very hard time trusting doctors due to my experience with them in the past, but he finally began to gain some of my trust when I was talking about the feeling of discomfort and unease I feel and he said “The Bhuddists have a word for this” and then we talked about that for a while. He was also astonished that I never really went to high school, as most people are, and said that talking to me he never would have guessed that.

For now we’ve agreed to leave my meds alone but…he’s actually willing to give benzos another chance, which I think is probably a good idea.

I think I like this guy.

I’ve heard on here quite a bit the statement “pdocs are for meds” But, again, if they don’t take the time to speak with you how can they possibly know what’s going on with you??? Good doctors take the time to listen.


I’m glad to hear that it went well, I was rooting for ya.

Its good to know that you like your doctor so far @mussel. I like my doctor also because she isnt phony and she seems to genuinely care about her patients, she never sugar coats anything - good luck with your new doctor!

Very happy for you! I’m glad you found a good doc that listens. That’s not always easy to find.

I went through around 3 docs before I found mine. And that’s what I like most about him–he’s receptive and genuinely concerned.

I hope you can build a strong therapeutic relationship with him.



That’s awesome news about your pdoc! My new one seems to only want to talk about meds, but it seems she is willing to go along with whatever I want to do. I used to have a really good pdoc. He was determined to see me symptom free. After trying many meds he was the one that recommended I try ECT. After being in the hospital for the initial treatments I was doing so well he said he wanted to take me around and show me off. I really miss him. Not only did he know his stuff but he listened to me. He was also honest with me about how I sounded. When I thought I had snakes in my stomach, he said “Kira that sounds bizarre.” To me it sounded normal, because I really believed it. They sent me to the hospital because I wanted to take puppy dewormer. He took a job with the prison so I had to say goodbye to him. I wish I could find a pdoc like you found. :sunny: