Therapist thinks I have DID 🙄

I think I remember my old therapist thought something like this too but I argued with her against it because I really don’t feel I have this. I know I have my inner “family” that I talk to but none of them ever take over and I never lose time or anything. But my therapist (and my old one too) said at times they could see shifts in my presentation to where it seems like they are talking to different people from one moment to the next. I don’t really see it. Just because I have trouble talking about my trauma for example and become quieter as a result and slow down doesn’t mean I’m suddenly like a child…

Anyways whatever I don’t care because that diagnosis wouldn’t change my med regime at all. Would just be another label…I guess my other gripe is that I have been really struggling to get up before 1 pm lately. I’m just so groggy before then.


Listen to your psychiatrist. Therapists really don’t have a clue.


I have DID if you have any questions about it I might be able to answer them for you? Based on what you say it doesn’t seem like you have it to me but idk yo.

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I mean I do have a “family” in my head that I guess represent different aspects of myself that came along at different points in my life to help out. (Not that all of them are helpful…) I wouldn’t have made it through my late teens without them. But I thought the big thing of DID was you lose consciousness at times and these other elements take over. Also I thought it was not very common for the elements to be aware of each other or even that they do not physically exist and mine are aware of each other and know that they live in my mind. (Some are bitter about this but still)

It’s sort of funny because psychiatrists barely see you at all, like I see my psychiatrist for like…30 mins once a month or so. So you’d think therapists would know you more. But psychiatrists have so much more education.

The other thing I like about my pdoc is that you can tell he is battle hardened and is not phased by the things I tell him, where my therapist can get upset and start tearing up or panic and start talking about hospitalization. When I mentioned this to my pdoc he laughed and said “You scared the ■■■■ out of her!!” He’s a good doctor I like him. Expensive though since he doesn’t take insurance :sob: But I don’t go often so my therapist ends up costing the same amount per month even with insurance lol


Well a big part of DID is of course dissociating. But with my alters I don’t always lose my time sometimes it’s almost like I have a copilot. And sometimes I’m not in control and just observing. But when they do take over fully I’m not always entirely aware that they’ve done so unless someone brings it to my attention. And actually it’s not super uncommon for alters to know about each other you might not be aware of all of them though. And unfortunately they aren’t all going to be helpful I actually have 2 alters I know about so far that are actually very much unstable and possibly dangerous luckily they don’t take over much anymore. With mine it’s almost like I have a bunch of roommates that bicker all the time. We all coexist as best we can though we all talk to each other in our shared headspace. So that’s my experience with DID at least.

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Haha yes I do understand the having roommates in your head scenario, my situation is very similar. I know they comment and respond emotionally to things happening around me and maybe sometimes those things may influence my behavior but I wouldn’t call that taking over. :thinking:

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Here are several links that may be helpful


Dissociative experiences scale.

Score: 11.8(Below 30 - Lower Association with DID). My score was as expected.

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Total score of: 36.8(30 or Above - Higher Association With DID)

Total score of: 61.1(30 or Above - Higher Association With DID) :sweat_smile: well then it could be worse I guess.

43.2, buckle my shoe

My therapist diagnosed with my avoidant personality disorder

I’m not…

I was just psychotic and hadn’t a clue what was going on so I avoided people and was withdrawn

that hasn’t come up in a discussion in years

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Lol how can you misdiagnose a SzA with avoidant pd??? :slight_smile:

I was already diagnosed sza…she added the avoidant. I guess I was displaying some symptoms idk maybe I did have it but I’m better now. Who knows. Love not labels I say.

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I got 38.9. But I mean I already know I have problems w dissociation (I’ve struggled w derealization & depersonalization for a while now) so that could just be detecting that.

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We conclude that performance of first-degree relatives of schizophrenic probands on the SPAN, 3–7 CPT, and TMT-B is predicted by dimensional scores of avoidant personality disorder symptoms and that this supports the hypothesis that avoidant personality disorder is a useful phenotype that probably reflects unique aspects of the underlying liability to schizophrenia not captured by “better-known” schizophrenia-like personality traits.

Conclusion: Even when the proband sample consists of patients with a recent first episode of psychosis, rather than chronic schizophrenia probands, risks for schizophrenia and schizophrenia-spectrum disorders are higher than in community control families. We find support for inclusion of avoidant personality disorder in the extended schizophrenia spectrum.


I doubt that. Did is one of those things. It doesn’t stand up to scientific enquiry.

I’d find another therapist and tell your psydoc. Psychiatrists should have a better idea.

Actually there is a good deal of research backing the existence of DID. It has been an established diagnosis for years now. I also think it is rather callous to say someone’s experience that they have likely suffered and struggled with for a long time just doesn’t exist, especially when someone who was diagnosed with this disorder posted on this thread. Please be mindful.

Also my therapist said she wanted to talk to my pdoc about it herself…so dunno how that will go.

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I have extreme DP/DR and might have symptoms that could be related to DID.