Went to Dr. today

I saw a Dr today. There is a lot that I didn’t tell her. She is going to try to treat my anxiety, depression and something else that I forgot first. Then see how I am doing from there. Part of me feels like I should have mentioned more about the Sz … then part of me feel like she would of locked me up if I had. I keep telling myself that fixing these anxiety issues and being able to pay attention better will leave me better able to handle the Sz stuff. I hate anti psychotics, and there is a part of me that feel like I belong in a mental hospital… but the other part of me feels like I can handle this on my own and I don’t want medicine and bad side effects. I don’t want to be sleepy and sedated… or having vertigo… or making the voices upset.

I really wish I didn’t work a job where I have to be around people for 9 hours. I just want to go home… i wish i could just stay home and paint… That would make me happy. I don’t want to be in public… i don’t want to be around people. I just want to be left alone.


Did the Dr. prescribe some meds for you? Sometimes they can be effective and the benefits outweigh the side effects.
It’s understandable that you want to do it without the meds, I fought the meds the whole time and haven’t had any for a couple of years now since I lost my medical. Some days I wish I had the choice to turn them down.
You can survive without taking meds, just sometimes it makes life a little easier for you when you do.

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They didn’t push anti-psychotics right now (probably because i didn’t say much about my Sz) but they doubled my Celexa and gave me this new one that I don’t remember what the name was.

Here’s hoping their treatment works for you and you feel better!


Hey, your art is amazing! Thanks for sharing it, I wish you all the best of luck with your Doctor, and know that I hope they don’t force you against your will to be hospitalized when you don’t need it. Talking about the voices doesn’t mean they’ll send me to the hospital, so perhaps just talk easy at first, let them know what’s up, and everything will be mint (Hopefully!) Take care.


Were you ever officially diagnosed with schizophrenia or schizoaffective? Didnt you get evaluated? I think that you should have been open and honest about how you are feeling/symptoms. If you are not honest about yourself, you cannot get the correct treatment. The whole idea is for you to feel better, and honesty is part of the process

I have been diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia previously (among other things).

I have been living with Sz for most of my life. I was officially diagnosed 2 years ago.

This is just a new doctor one I have never seen before.

There are other issues that are causing more problems in my life than the Sz symptoms. While they are annoying if I am able to concentrate I am mostly fine dealing with Schizophrenia in my own way. The plan is to address the anxiety, depression and focus issues first. Then re-visit the psychosis stuff.

I hope you have a doctor that you can work with and that will respect your decisions. I can tell my doctor about my paranoid thoughts, but I know they’re thoughts. I don’t act on them. He suggests raising my anti-psychotic, but I tell him I am fine with my meds now. He knows I am doing okay and respects my decision.

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Hydroxyzine is the other med they put me on.

That’s an anti-anxiety medication.

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Just hope it doesn’t make me sleepy. I need more energy and ability to focus.

Didn’t mean to be so forward - I am glad you went to the doctor today, this was a first big step, hope things work out for you @sasha

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No offense taken. =)

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i hope you are feeling better today.
take care

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