Do you think a really good therapist can cure sz?

Is it possible or do most of you think meds is the only answer? Meds never helped me.


I’m wondering the same thing but I doubt it. I wrote a similar post on here recently about self improvement curing sz or not and many who replied said it won’t cure it but will improve coping skills. So I guess it’s like that with a therapist too.

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Well, if it improves coping skills would be a great cure to me. Sometimes its knowing how to help yourself.

Therapists can’t do much for SZ people other than push them to work and socialize. They can’t touch negative or positive symptoms otherwise.


Surely they can do more than that. Im talking about a good therapist or even spiritual guru.

I called and went to my psychologist on an episode, we talked for 25 minutes and he said we couldn´t do nothing on that state of mind. He accompanied me to the psychiatrist, in the same building and made an urgent appointment for me.

No. There is no cure for Sz. Ap’s are the best we got atm.

When I was in the therapy ward I found therapy useless whilst I was still unmedicated. My mind was confused and numb and overworking.

When the AP’S started to work and my mind was calmer i could concentrate on the therapies better. But not whilst in severe mood swings and hearing voices.

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Maybe some of the therapists are just bad. Maybe some out there are much better than what we had.

I don’t see how talking can cure the most disabling, severe mental illness in the world.

Uh, if it could, why has no one ever heard of it?


maybe for some. personally, therapy does nothing for me. the sanity i have is because of my meds. the best part about therapy, was it was the only socializing i did. like someone else here once said, mental illness is when the people you talk to are paid to talk to you.

I mean if your issues are psychollogical and spiritual or cognitive and not totally a physiological disease.

I don’t believe in therapy for me personally.

Not after a therapist ganged up on me with my mum and my stepdad who is diagnosed psychopath.

He is as psychopath educated and charming and funny and he had the therapist around his little finger and I was getting blamed for wrongs he /they did.

I felt aweful and got no help only hate n abuse.
I hated being a child n teen and therapy never helped me.
Only made things worse because they used psychological abuse aswell as physical.

I have no respect for that therapist who was actually the nurse who delivered their son and so on their side from the start.
It was all of them against me and I’m still upset about that.
They did wrong by me.

Therapy may work for others but it’s not for me.
Definitely not.
They just supress me and gang up on me.
Definitely not something I ever want again.

Well, now you are getting into the nature of the disease of schizophrenia and the theories of not only how it starts and how a person becomes schizophrenic, but what actually is this disease of schizophrenia. Which basically no one knows for sure.

I mean whatever schizophrenia actually is, if you were diagnosed with it and have it for several years with daily symptoms like delusions and hallucinations and paranoia, I doubt it’s going to be '“cured” by talking it out.

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Talk therapy may get rid of some of the manifestations of the disease in a person but it ain’t going to cure you.

Well partial cure is partial cure and there have been success stories of people saying they are cured. Lets be optimistic. Maybe I or others will show improvement. Even partial improvement is something to feel good about, however you get there.

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Sz is a medical disease and only psychiatrists are qualified to treat it.

There’s no magic way of escaping your symptoms.

Believe what you want too. Prayer helps many and is helping me too.

Well I made a similar thread and everyone said it doesn’t help. Psychologists can help drug addiction, Depression, PTSD, Stress, etc but not schizophrenia.

Good luck but know that you will stop your meds on your own risks.