Therapy/counseling/psychology... do they really help?

Got a new pdoc and she was not happy that I didn’t have a therapist, counselor, or psychologist. I quit as soon as I was put on meds. I have a super-supportive husband. Not sure how therapy could help. Was wondering about other people’s experiences. Does therapy truly help?

Therapy is vital to my recovery. If I miss a visit, I start having breakthrough symptoms.

Mine I can live without but it’s nice to have if it’s free. I look forward to having a talk with her to get advice when she isn’t busy. She helps with info about public housing, employment agencies, etc.

My psychologist sees me every few weeks to talk how I’m doing and that’s about it.
I just say what’s on my mind the whole time.
Other forms of therapy don’t work for me.

My psychiatrist is just there to talk how the meds are helping. And that’s it.

I am thinking to try cbt …tho i have alot of cognitive and negative symptoms…lets see…

Didn’t get much use out of therapy appointments. It was just one more thing to remember to do at a particular time. I hate appointments. I don’t know why my kids’ activities don’t bother me.

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I don’t do therapy but I have a great psydoc who I see for 10-15 minutes every six weeks. I just don’t have a need to talk about stuff with someone. I think through my problems myself and most therapy I’ve seen has been second rate and probably more damaging than not.

I know it works great for some. Some need that interaction and that reassurrance. Just not for this camper!


In my opinion, It helps if the therapist is good. If your Sz causes you a great deal of stress, she can help you learn stress management techniques. You should do whatever makes you feel comfortable but I would suggest you consider that all it is is talking and you can quit anytime you want (or get a new one).

Yes, it can. If you are absolutely honest with them. No B.S.

Thank you all for your opinions/thoughts. I made an appointment with a psychologist. Figured it can’t hurt…

Oh ■■■■! I thought this was therapy

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