She’s at least trying to help

Therapy is helping me to a small degree.
But a lot of it doesn’t really help so much when your thoughts are affected by a major thought disorder.

But with that said, my new therapist is leaps and bounds better than my last therapist.

She is applying common sense therapy techniques like CBT and DBT.

She is also the first mental health professional to fully understand what it’s like to have SZA.

She works in a major psychiatric hospital.

She’s acknowledging my negative symptoms and not blaming my lack of motivation completely on depression.

Yeah she’s at least trying to help.


that’s really great to hear =)
i hope you keep improving with her help!


Thanks @lekkerhondje


I wish my therapist was more like yours. Or not have one at all. Sounds like you got a good one who understands how to help Sz.


Yes, thanks @Kxev

Do you talk about meds with her?

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CBT doesn’t work.
You want MBT

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At least she’s trying. That’s more than I can say about some people

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CBT worked wonders for me.


A little bit.
She knows which meds I take but we don’t discuss them extensively.
She’s not an MD.

I don’t do therapy but have done long talks with shrinks. I find it superfluous to my needs but realize others are different and many get a lot out of it. I think it’s good your new one is meeting some of your needs…It’s hard in our current mental health system to get quality treatment. It really is a system under pressure in most countries so keep going to the good ones!


Negative symptoms are making it hard for me to participate in therapy.
I live a dull and non eventful life.

I just don’t have a lot to say to her.

I think my negatives are getting worse over the years.

She wants me to attend a day program or mental health clubhouse.

But I have no interest.

Last time she kept the session on the short side because I don’t have a lot to share with her.

She asked me a couple of times if I had anything to say, any questions for her.

I was a total blank.

She is aware of my negative symptoms.

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i get like that a lot too… like i totally don’t know what to talk about cause i’m blank…

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