Poll: Did you find therapy helpful?

  • Yes
  • No because I was not aware of my illness during treatment
  • No because I did not find it helpful in general
  • Never tried it

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Does nothing to stop symptoms but can help you change your thinking given enough time.

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Meds really help me, therapy somewhat helps, but never alone


It’s nice having someone to talk to, but I don’t think it has lead to any changes.


Therapy didn’t really help me with my Sz… but I feel it does help with some of the extra SZ brings with it.

The low confidence, the catastrophic thinking, the anxiety, the thoughts that circle and circle around… the brain that won’t let little things go… of course the irritability and anger.

therapy I feel helped with all that.

Voices… tactile and visual hallucinations… sneaky brained thinking… loss of motivation… numb flat disconnection and not caring or feeling… that all needed meds.


it depends on what you’re talking about XD

What was your guys’ therapy experience like?

My therapist mostly helps me with my anxiety symptoms. She listens to my psychotic ones but has never really done anything about them…

I’ve only really had group therapies. They weren’t targeted at all.

The actual therapists in my town won’t take schizophrenic clients.

CBT that I 'm having helps with psychotic symptoms also, but a friend of mine has told me it takes over a year to see some difference. I am having therapy for less, so I can’t tell. However, she has told me she 's been much better than she was before therapy, maybe it’s the years that’ve passed, because some years ago, when I was 114 lbs I consider myself fat and I was very unhappy, but now, on much more than that I feel the same. By that, I mean, that if by then I were 174 lbs that I am now, I would have killed myself.

I was underwhelmed by psychiatry in the private sector. It seemed like they started out with the assumption that I was deluded, and that they knew what was really going on with me. It seems to me like a lot of psychiatrists have a God complex. For what they charge, I wanted better.

Wow. Yeah I feel like it’s incredibly difficult to find anyone who specializes in psychotic disorders.

Yes, from my experience the therapy has been very useful for understanding my thoughts and feelings so sometimes I can overcome theses problems. :wink:

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my therapist and I usually talk about my voices, what I can do to try and control them, my father and him thinking they are just demons, some other stuff like that…That’s what we have been focusing on in therapy.

My therapist is elite. His name is an anagram of the word “elite”.

For me it was a waste of time. I had two short spells with therapists who pushed the " If you want to be a good person" line which I found abusive and hurtful considering I was not a bad person but needed help coping with certain situations. If they had approached from a " We are here to help you cope better" angle and not been so negatively judgemental it would have been different.


For me, it really depends upon the therapist. I have had some very understanding and helpful ones. I have also had some who are like the pdocs someone described-having a “God” complex. My therapist now is 99% understanding towards my thoughts and wishes. He seems to always wants the best for me and mostly treats me like I am his only client; although, I know way too many more than me.

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That’s very interesting, mortimermouse. You are very intelligent and insightful to see that.

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Therapy doesn’t do any good for me because I am still too paranoid to talk about most of the things that I believe and even if I do talk about my beliefs they just tell me I am delusional and I already have my crazy papers and don’t need anymore. But my proc thinks it will help me so I still go just to go.

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