Do you recommend seroquel?

Because I am losing my marbles and zyprexa is poison. Currently taking Geodon, Propranolol (high high dose) and Xanax, also melatonin (high high high dose) and I wear a 14mg nicotine patch during the day; I remove it before I go to bed.

Case: losing my ■■■■. On summer vacation. Exercising like usual, should be stable.

Symptoms; intense auditory and sometimes also visual hallucinations; strong delusions of being watched and victimized; response to victimization is psychotic killer rage; this does not make for stable lifestyle; have taken zyprexa with mixed results in similar situation; gave me intolerable side effects and nearly ended my academic career, did end any career in being ripped- this ■■■■ made me gain weight even on a “cutting” diet which means low calories highly active.

This is not fun. @notmoses @Wave

You two are very knowledgeable about meds. Hell one of you has a Psy D.

I need help. Last night was just unacceptable. I would workout today, but my left hip has been feeling messed up since sprinting a 1.5 mile run the other week. Leg day is Friday or maybe tomorrow. My upper body is half sore and half not due for workouts. My triceps hurt too much to do upper body.

NO. It made me a zombie. I’ll let notmoses give his opinion though

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The dude loves the stuff.

Aside from sedation I think it’s a good med from what I’ve heard.

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Med effects are very individual, but Seroquel works well for me. I take 600 mg and it causes a little sedation but not much. No weight gain. Maybe a little dry mouth when I sleep. But I also need Zyprexa. It is much more sedating than the Seroquel for me.

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Can you up the geodon as your not on max dose?

i think it’s poisoness but will take 50-100mg if I just want to go to bed and tranquilize myself. Next day sucks and takes lots of caffeine and most the day just to feel alive again.

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I already am treated rather intensely for Parkinsonian side effects (akathisia: tremors in legs) due to my 120mg of Geodon. 160mg made me have terrible akathisia (like I wanted to be off meds again) and it also made me chronically constipated for some reason. There have been cases of fecal impaction due to high doses of Geodon. That’s basically a huge traffic jam of solid ■■■■ in the colon or intestines or something.

Hey @mortimermouse - Seroquel usually makes a great add on medication, especially if the patient is suffering from insomnia or lots of anxiety/agitation.

Because Seroquel is a - pine Antipsychotic (Quetiapine) it mixes well with Geodon, a - done ( Ziprasidone) -Antipsychotic.

Seroquel is usually not weight neutral and has the propensity to raise blood glucose levels but not as bad as Zyprexa.

I would mention it to your pdoc, I personally loved how calming and soothing Seroquel was for me, when I was on it.

Best of luck to you!

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I have had good results with the extended release (XR) version. It quietens my mind if that makes sense.

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Thanks man- that was really helpful! If last night repeats tonight, I’m gonna phone the pdoc and request a starter dose of it. I can just skip lunch and keep my activity up to offset the weight gain to an extent.

Zyprexa actually made me not recognize when I was hungry or had just eaten. My doc said that happens on it. He also said its a good band-aid but that he didn’t want me on it for long at all.


I’m on Seroquel XR as well. It works well in managing symptoms but prevents me from waking up early. You will feel drowsy in the mornings and all I ever want to do is go back to bed. This could be due to depression but certainly the sedating effects of this medication don’t help.

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I had a degree of success on it. At <200 mg, it was excellent at getting me to sleep. As far as psychosis goes, heh, one of the weakest meds I’ve ever taken. Had to get up to 600 mg before I felt ANYTHING, and it just took too long to work. I actually respond better to Zyprexa, but they both made me gain weight. Tread carefully if you are on a diet/work out a lot.


And… it nearly killed me. It’s all Russian roulette.

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When I was on a high does… and it was Seroquel alone… (remember I have more negatives… ) it was making me catatonic.

Mixed with the Latuda… it keeps my brain from racing… it keeps the paranoia down… it slow the wheel in my head enough that I can beat the word salad.

Talking to the doc… getting a starter dose… sounds like an excellent plan…

Good luck and I hope you feel better. :v:

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Uhhhhh, welllllllllllllllllllll. You might wanna think about how much nic that is. (Cause that is a =lot=.) And it =and= the Xanax cycling are pretty likely generating rebound effects that are overlapping.

(Not something =I= would do intentionally for sure.)

Given the “stuff” you’re ingesting – especially the nic, but also that benzo – you’ll generate a lot more lactic acid =and= dehydration when you’re exercising.

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I’ve taken it for many years, and I can’t really tell I’m taking it. 400 mg twice a day. I take it with Geodon. I’ve heard other people say it sedates them, but it doesn’t do that to me.

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Thanks everyone, I really think I might ask the doc about it if I feel too messed up. And @notmoses I had no idea the nicotine and Xanax made me build up more lactic acid and become dehydrated. That is good to know. I do drink a whole lot of water and sports drink, like over a gallon of water something a day, carb powder in water included. I do notice that my lactic acid seems to build up more than before meds. I used to be unstoppable like a machine. It was pretty impressive. I do get thirst easily no matter how much I hydrate.

And @Wave and @SurprisedJ @anon40540444 @crimby @ekoms @anon9798425 @everhopeful @Smprz84 and @Jimbob thank you all for your replies as well!

I went for a good 29 minute 3 mile jog today which was good, I got blisters because I am more of a weightlifter than runner but I calmed down and took a nap before dinner and now I feel remarkably much more stable. My left hip and blisters aren’t too happy but whatever. I cut back on the caffeine today and didn’t have my morning coffee or espresso, well because I woke up at 1pm. Hopefully this will all settle down now. I like cardio, it makes me eat chips and not care. My heart rate did get up to 170 though. That’s bad, before it was 150 on my runs. The treadmill checks my heart rate when I put my hands on the handle bar or whatever thing.


I took Seroquel for a number of years. I liked it. I discontinued it because my fasting blood sugar keeps inching up. Actually, I feared diabetes.

I took 12.5mgs. of Seroquel at night to have it put me to sleep. It worked for like two years to put me to sleep. Granted, I had to sleep 11 hours.

People get used to the sedation on a standard dose, but a subclincal dose as I used will work to put one to sleep seemingly indefinitely.

I have seen a lot of folks relapse trying to switch to Seroquel. It seems to me that the previous stuff gets out of the system before the Seroquel starts giving protection.


I still take 12.5 mgs for sleep, but I wouldn’t say it “puts” me to sleep after 12 years on the med, six solely for that purpose after several years on a much higher dose to put “clamps” on my bipolar. More like it "eases me into a sleep that is less interrupted or agitated. AND it helps (to some extent to ) keep the pot from boiling over hypomanically, though mindfulness is a far bigger factor for that now.

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I have been on zyprexa, latuda, risperadol, and many others, seroquel has been the most helpful getting to sleep is no issue with 400mg of that before bed, they also have extended release for the daytime, it does make you gain a little weight but vs zyprexa I’d say seroquel is the way too go

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