Do you ever wish you could fight? like boxing etc?

i was averse to fighting as a kid, i strove to be peaceful, but sometimes i feel like that was bs, because people still occassionally messed with me. if i had to do it all over again, instead of playing basketball all the time, i would train mma or something so that i could defend myself if i needed to. but i don’t know the first thing about fighting, i just have my natural athleticism and reactions to defend myself, but if someone knew what they were doing they would have no trouble with me. i wanna say i’ve never been in a real fight though, but i did throw a couple punches one time in my late 20’s. long story short i can’t fight haha.


I wish I knew how to box. I think it’d be sweet to take up kickboxing as a work out. I’ve never been in a fight either lol.

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I hate to fight, but I love to spar.

Karate, aikido, Krav Maga for hand to hand.

Also did live steel combat in my day with Renaissance HEMA. Long sword, saber, halberd, epee, and archery.

I’ve always been interested in martial arts. If I ever picked it up again I would love to learn some Capoeira, but I’ve grow fat and out of practice.



im more interested in the idea of training as a fighter rather than actually getting into real fights. it would be a great workout and could be used in emergencies. i still want to do something athletic sometimes and think maybe i could train at a gym or something. i also think kickboxing is cool, all they have around here is brazilian jiu jitsu gyms.


Yes definitely. I mostly just want the stamina and physique of a boxer

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Even air boxing wears me out😂

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haha, yeah to think boxers spend all that energy and get punched in the face haha. i would totally take a dive if i was a boxer haha.

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There are various types of human beings that are experienced or are experts at certain fields. Fighting and or learning how to box is one of them. But rather, would you fight or box yourself or pay/hire someone to fight for you?

Anyone at any age can learn boxing, mma or a martial art to a degree, go for it, you could probably start with youtube videos.

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I did kickboxing in middle school


I used to do martial arts and I loved it. But then the men started following and recording me and I decided to stay home was my safest bet.

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Yes, I’m not sure at all if I could defend myself if it came right down to it. Sometimes I feel a little confident that I could fight back and maybe win. It’s just there’s so many confident jackasses out there that it gets overwhelming.


I only fought once when I was a kid. I punched the guy in the face then he punched me in the stomach and that was it. We left then.


Brazilian ju jitsu is totally cool. Take it from the mother of a former MMA student.

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If getting paid to fight was a good idea then I’d do it.
I don’t want to end up even more mentally ■■■■■■■■ than I already am due to concussions and such lol


I think it’d be pretty sweet to learn ju-jitsu or some form of martial arts just for the experience. And maybe some self defense in the rare case you’d ever need it.

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Violence. Blood. Bruises. Broken Bones. Pain. What’s Left?.

Not Much Sadly.

Now Professional Sports Is A Different Yet Still Strange Story Also.

I Used To Watch Boxing Back As A Young Adult. HBO I Believe. The Most Popular Fights At The Time. And I Loved It. I’d Pick A Favorite. And Watch Closely At The Techniques. It Was Pretty Fascinating. I’d Have My Popcorn And Patiently Wait For Blood.

Then I Got Older. And After The Next Wave Of Professional Fighting Came About. Like UFC And Such. I Had A Difficult Time Watching The Fights. I Felt ■■■■■■■ Bad For The Guys.

It Seemed Intensely Ruthless And Without Any Real Merit Or Meaning.

Jus Blood To Water The Foaming Mouth’s In The Audience’s.

No Judgement In All Reality. Cause Once You Get Psychologically Involved In The Game. Blood Is What You Crave. It’s Some Kind Of Evolutionary Thing. And I Jus Don’t have The Heart To Be One Of The Witnesses.

I’m Wandering.

I Can’t Really Fight. I Stand Like A Brick Wall. And Turn The Other Cheek.

Trying To Remind Myself During The Hits. That…, Thus Too…, Shall Pass.

Hope, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Eternal Peace!.

I used to box when I was in high school. Getting punched for fun is a unique experience.

Knowing how to handle myself is a confidence inspiring feeling, but boxing taught me how to not get in a fight.


I wish I were strong enough to box in a ring, high amateur level. Don’t have to go pro, just need a respectable upper body that can punch and take a punch.


A common mistake is thinking you can fight with your fists you will break your hand. Therefore you must use a simple weapon whatever you can get. If you have to use your fists then do a weird punch that won’t break your hand like pawing at them but really fast. Only fight if you have to get what is attacking you off you whether it is human or beast or if there is imminent danger.