Anyone try mma or boxing?

I did it for a while and just wanted to know if anyone else tried it.

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sometimes I think I look like a fighter. I got scars over both my eyes from getting cut open playing basketball.

my brother was into hand to hand combat and encouraged me to train mma but I never did.

I looked into martial arts a couple months ago, but all they offer is tae kwon do and Brazilian jiu jitsu. it’s like $160 month for both classes. haven’t decided yet. I need something to get rid of all my pent up feelings. I don’t have that anymore since I don’t play sports

Yeah martial arts can be expensive Brazilian jujitsu cost a 100$ here.

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did mma or boxing help you in anyway? why did you stop

No it made aggressive and delusional but that was before I was on medication. My mom encouraged me to stop because of my behavior. I was smoking pot with the people over there.

I used to box but never had any bouts - it’s a very tough sport. I can’t wait for the Anthony Joshua fight next week

I loved boxing but this was when I was fit back then now I am 210 lbs and out of shape.

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I would consider doing a ‘boxercise’ class as it includes all the pad work but no sparring.

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I like rough sports but I can’t do it anymore I have absence seizures and it will make me delusional

Fair enough, plus our brains could probably do without the head bashing!

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I can agree to that

My son used to study MMA. He loved martial arts all of his life. And he was really good.

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Yes I use to box with schizophrenia. I think it helps you develo mental toughness which in turn helps with coping of being a schizophrenic. Sparing was interesting thinking your opponent can hear your thoughts but insurvoved. Did two fights. Won one and lost one. I didn’t like it. Having people yelling at you while also having voices is really tough thing to deal with. Those two 3 round fights were the toughest thing I did physically and also up there for mentally. I could barely breathe after my first fight. And some people need oxygen tanks after a fight.

If I didn’t have schizophrenia I think I could do fights and be fine.

Are you kidding?!?
I’m pretty heavily medicated.
I can barely get off of the couch!

Don’t think I’ll start boxing anytime soon!


I entered a tough man contest once. My first fight I knocked the guy out in the third round, but he could have hit me quite a bit less than half as much and won the fight. All he had to do was hit me a few times and then stay away. But he was obsessed with getting a knockout. My second fight I fought a trained, competitive boxer, and he outpointed me. The crowd booed when they raised his hand.

yeeeah…not really into that kinda stuff

but you rage on as you see fit, by all means

i used to be into floyd mayweather pacquiao thing as a teenager when i needed examples on how to be a man

now i look like one and almost think like one too

so im no longer really see the tough guy stuff as an interest, and am confused as to why i ever did

i might participate if it meant i could talk to people all the time

tried watching a weigh in for a womens mma match on youtube, that stuff really got my heart racing


Martial arts are one of my biggest dreams. I can go here on jiujitsu, karate, judo and mma and it’s all cheap, but i’m a fat slob haha.

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