Have you ever beaten someone or got beaten up?

Have you ever had fights with anyone or got beaten up in the past five years??i feel like getting into fights because I can’t out smart people lol

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ive been beaten up a couple of times, sometimes it just isnt worth it and its much better to resolve things with your voice rather than your fists

One time I was walking past a couple of cops, and one of them goes - “Hey George.” I turned and yelled “Tom! My name is Tom!” One of the cops pepper sprayed me. Then they handcuffed me, slammed me down face first on the ground, put their knees on the back of my head, and ground my face into the dirt after I had been pepper sprayed. It was very painful. The cops had dealt with me before, and they knew I hated to be called “George”.

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past five years? No. Well there was an assault charge that’s probably still hanging over my head so yeah. I had one bogus assault charge that I believe was expunged and one legit one where I slapped my father across his right cheek after he showed up with the local police to find me drinking wine on the beach. That was probably about five years ago.

I’m not a fighter though…

N one has touched me since I’ve got off of drugs 24 years ago. But back then I had someone sneak up behind me and break a wine bottle over my head. I had some 19 year old stranger walk up to me with a club and with no warning hit me several times. I got punched in the mouth a couple times. Threatened with a knife, carjacked. A cop threatened to drive me out to a bridge, break both my legs and let me crawl back. A couple of thugs started to take me to this same bridge and throw me off into the San Francisco bay. I thought I was a goner that time. I guess we really are more likely to be victims of violence.

I’m sorry all that happened to you. It is true.

when I was 21 I tried to stop fight and ended getting jumped. The guy was a bitter and bit part of my left eye just above the eyelid. It took plastic surgery to put skin back on it. I didnt have insurance at the time…luckily, the victims of a violent crime stepped in and payed all my doctor bills.

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I could swear someone asked this exact question not long ago. No, I don’t fight these days. I’ve never been beaten up and have never caused anyone serious injury.

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When I was younger I had a friend who took Tae Kwon Do classes. He showed us some of his katas once. It was pretty cool seeing it in person. I’d only seen stuff like that on tv. I was surprised when he did it, he was always kind of a knucklehead jokester kid, didn’t expect it from him.

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My ex. :fist:

My crime

Serving him soggy french fries that were not crispy. :fries:


you are just angry with your sz and situation.
you are smart, smart people don’t have fights…
i used to be a bouncer/doorman…i never got in a fight…there is always a peaceful solution.
maybe join a gym to get rid of your agression.
take care

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One of the martial arts is also a good one. You learn how to fight so you don’t have to. An incredible discipline that will help with SZ on some level as it’s also a mental discipline. Will also help enforce assertiveness and self esteem.


My leg is injured I cannot exercise,injured due to basketball,not fights

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I was raised by belligerent father who was beat until he could get a job at 15…I avoid it. Very little is worth dying over. If I use assertiveness for what matters and handle what matters myself, he is okay enough.

For frustration, hold it in and go to gym. Punching bag at gym is cheaper or make your own out of duffel bag puncher hung from garage ceiling.

First assault charge gets you McDonalds jobs or forced counseling for 6 months at your own expense some places.

If you are going to pick fights with the males, at least know if he is a weasile as so many are wimpy/drama queen/whiners.

Sounds more like a death wish then wanting to pick a fight. If you turned that negative energy to positive you would move mountains!

Thank you,but the medication is making me sleepy

I want to do positive things,really,I remember I been a very negative child since I was born and raised,I don’t want to sleep all day but I don’t want to show frustration because of not enough sleep,I had to make choices

Sounds like you need to vent . Maybe get one of the blow up punching clowns etc to blow off steam. I go for cheap plates as makes a greater noise when you throw them against the outside of the house walls . But watch your eyes if you do that.