Do you consider yourself lucky?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I don’t know

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Do you consider yourself lucky? Why / why not?

we got schizophrenia . only 3 get in 1000 .and we are lucky? wtf

I didn’t say we are lucky. But I do consider myself lucky. I have friends and a family that supports me, I am not poor, I have access to meds and I am physically healthy. There are many, many people in the world who are worse off than me. I have many things to be grateful for.


Despite the sza I think I’m lucky.

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I’m very lucky , I used to be very reckless but am going stronger than ever

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I consider myself lucky…

despite this illness or maybe even because of it…

I’ve found a job I’ve grown to like, my family is repairing in it’s own way, I have a roof over my head and a chance to help others.

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I think considering ourselves both (lucky or unlucky) is a wrong way to look at life.

The only thing I know realistically is that WE OURSELVES are to BLAME or PRAISE for whatever that happens to us

No. This is so wrong. Would you say kids with cancer are responsible for their illness? There are plenty of evil people who live great lives and plenty of great people who live shitty lives. And if you are talking about past and future lives then that is just pure speculation and therefore an ingenious way of blaming victims and supporting evil people.

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Karma is the natural law…Just like Gravity…you cans say that there is no Karma but that will be akin to saying there is no Gravity…

There is a THE DOORS Song Where Mr. Morrison is Lyke ,

" we are thrown into this world " … ,

e(Y)e Can’t Remember Exactly … ,

Bud e(Y)e Lyke THE DOORS and Pretty Much All of Whats On Thee Albums e(Y)e Have … ,

Unsure of Thee Exact Connection With Where e(Y)e Am Going With Thus … ,

Bud e(Y)e Was in a Coma Once , No Big Deal Since e(Y)e Can’t Remember Tha Shizz , ( OR ) Tha Pain ( OR ) Tha Savage Garden of Being Thrown and Not Mangled (by) Street Rubble … ,

e(Y)e Didn’t Feel Lucky When e(Y)e Jumped Out of Tha Car … ,

Now D(Y)D e(Y)e Feel Lucky Tha Day e(Y)e Swallowed an Entire Bottle of Advil … ,

e(Y)e Was Pissed … ,

Angry and So Forth … ,

It Was As if e(Y)e Was Screaming Into Tha Black Voyd of Thee Universe
Crying Out " WTF IM INNOCENT !!! " … ,

Cause During My Purified Lyfetyme e(Y)e Seen and See Non-Innocence and Wonder to Myself … ,

" WHY NAUGHT THEM !!! " … ,

One Would Light Up a Candle and Say ,

" well son , he likes you , he doesn’t really like them so much " … ,

Hence Why Sometimes It’s Nice to be (by) Yourself … ,

Point is tha Last Three-ish Weeks e(Y)e Haven’t Felt All That Great and For Once e(Y)e Didn’t Want to End My Lyfe … , Truthfully and Honestly … ,

Altho e(Y)e D(Y)D Scream At Thee Creator " TAKE IT AWAY!! " … ,

It Nvr Goes Away , When You Ask For it To … ,

e(Y)e Learned That if You Hold Tite to Your True Innocence and What You Care About There Will Be No Regrets … ,

e(Y)e Was Pacing Tha Floors Yesterday and Begging For tha Splitting Pain to Subside , but it Jus Wouldn’t … ,

e(Y)e Tried Everything , but Then Found Myself Waking Up in tha Middle of tha Nite , Feeling Chipper … ,

So it Passed , On It’s Own … ,

and e(Y)e Suppose , That Makes Me Lucky … ,

Mother Nature & Father Time Has Plenty to Say , and e(Y)e’m Willing to See and Hear it All , Til Thee End of tha Sound of Mothers Voice , In tha Meantime Father Will Jus have to Settle Down ,
Cause e(Y)e Have Felt Enough Pain For One Lyfe-tyme … ,

So Yes e(Y)e Am Lucky … ,

Lucky e(Y)e Was There , When You Were … ,

Rite Now and Forever , With Our Past and Future … ,

Forgiveness Isn’t Easy … ,

Perhaps With Some Patience and Time , We Will All Make It Throo , With Jus a Few , Scratches … ! … ! …

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I am sorry for derailing the thread with my rant. I am terribly sorry.

OK i managed to delete my posts and I hope the discussion continues…

It’s OK. I deleted my posts too. :relieved: Except that first one since it’s too long since I posted it.

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It’s Funni , Rite After e(Y)e Posted My Shizz , e(Y)e Seen You All Lyke " STOP TALKING ABOUT GOD ■■■■■■■!!" and e(Y)e Was Lyke ,

" all shizz hes gonna hate me " … ,

Then You Guys Hugged … ,

Weird Dai Fo Sho … … …

I consider myself lucky to be alive. I was very wreckful for years.

It depends on my mood. I am very fortunate, which I look at as a more longstanding condition than lucky, which is more moment to moment.

Sometimes I feel unlucky, but often that’s down to poor planning and execution on my part. I am not a great planner or do-er. I feel lucky rarely, but I feel fortunate almost all the time.

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I have zero for luck. If there’s a 99% chance of me winning a scratch-off lottery ticket, I will be the 1% that loses. I have the reverse King Midas touch - everything I touch turns to crap.

I have the luck of the devil! Maybe I should become a professional poker player! :smiling_imp:

This thread title reminds me of:

Yes i am lucky to of survived what i have been though and not be dead is luck and help form some great people as well maybe when im am to talk about it will but for now im lucky ducky girl when i think back to some of the choices tht had a huge impact and is was not good sense i made them is was chance or luck

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Every time I see a homeless person who appears to have a mental illness, maybe sz, I know how lucky I am.

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