Do you consider yourself lucky?

I don’t know. If your way of thinking is that some one always has it worse, then only one person in the world can feel unlucky at any given time. I’m doing pretty bad by American standards. People in other contries would consider me rich. How do I feel? Lucky-ish

Overall, yes. This is because of the unlucky who are born to become afflicted with schizophrenia, I am extremely lucky. I have a strong support network (great doctors, family and friends) and a sharp mind as well as a gritty personality which makes me not give up when things are not going well.

I consider myself unlucky of those who aspire to become Navy SEALs as kids. I was well on my way, straight A student and exceptional athlete when I became psychotic. That’s some :poop:.

However, one in five recover fully from schizophrenia, whether it’s meds or yellow jelly beans. I am an outlier when scz is removed, I stand out by other means, some of them very good some not so much. Like in school- in the highest honors my school offers. Like in life history- very rare for a boy to be molested by a woman and then to have a near death experience then be bullied. Rare series of unfortunate events. Rare combination of brains and brawn.

Overall, I am lucky. I say that because 20% chance at getting back to a normal life requires luck in addition to hard work.


I would have to disagree with that. Karma is not a scientific fact. It’s more of a spiritual principle that seems to be true in some cases but that is not a universal law that works perfectly and consistently. Karma seems to work but it is not guarenteed for anyone. You can’t rely or depend on it working in many cases.

I am unlucky enough to have schizophrenia like all of you but I’m very lucky to have done what I have done in my life despite having it. A lot of it is luck but I also have done the work it takes to do those things. I am lucky that I have had lots of support and help in my life from other people but I have also helped myself.


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